20 Tips For Your Trip To Palermo From The Locals

If you’re visiting for the first time, or even a second or third time, you know all the places to eat and see. Every brochure tells about …


  1. Love your video and the voice over too. So many inauthentic feeling videos out there about Sicily, I appreciated this one 🙂

  2. 😁😆 Thank you. I wish I had seen this before my visit to Palermo. Insect repellant – even in October – is a must. Audio guides are a great idea. Street food is good. The huge amount of street rubbish and dog dirt was shocking.

  3. Thank you for this video. I was in Palermo 10 years ago and stayed in a hostel right in front of the big market in the old town. I remember a really great week. I will be back …

  4. Im sorry to tell you that jerusalem was fought over and occupied more times than palermo or sicily

  5. Bonus tips:

    Ciao isn’t something you say to people you don’t know, you could but it technically isn’t right. Instead say salve or buongiorno (good morning) or buon pomeriggio (good afternoon).

    Sicilians are very proud of our unique identity and while learning any Italian is a plus if you actually learn some Sicilian you’ll definitely score some points. For example thank you in Sicilian is Grazij.

    Like already mentioned the organized crime families don’t target tourists and want you to have a safe happy visit. Crime in Palermo is low, with that said anywhere you go you should be careful and in Europe Nigerian gangs like Black Axe are more violent towards tourist and locals and something you should be aware of (anywhere you go in Europe) but you are much more likely to be targeted by scammers (the bracelet scam, the floor art scam, the Roman soldier/gladiator picture scam…) or pickpockets than attacked anywhere in Europe.

  6. THANK YOU, will show this to my mum so she won't be concerned about the mafia thing!!

  7. I'm planning to move to palermo and this video really show me the reality of the city! I love it and i can't wait to go there soon. Thank you.

  8. Salvatore è un serpente siciliano che è nella mafia. Ha un cugino a Malta che è Sammy il serpente, entrambi amano la musica e la danza. Entrambi amano bere Coca Cola e mangiare la pizza

  9. Thank you for all your advises. There is no mafia but how come you talk like Don Corleone? I just got an offer of Pane con Milza, an offer I cannot refuse. Arrivederci!