20 beach resorts closed by Nas in Italy, including one in Sicily: irregularities in 3 out of 10 beaches.

During 883 inspections carried out in beach establishments and tourist villages across Italy, the Carabinieri of Nas discovered abusive structures, hygiene deficiencies, expired or untraceable food. Out of the inspections, 257 establishments (31%) were found to be irregular. Penalties and administrative fines totaling over 290,000 euros were imposed, with 11 business owners being referred to the judicial authorities. Additionally, 20 closures were ordered due to serious structural and hygiene issues, estimated to have an economic value of over 4 million euros. Eight establishments were found to be operating without authorization, including one beach establishment that was illegally transformed into an open-air nightclub. Common violations included hygiene deficiencies in changing rooms, toilets, and food preparation areas, often remedied in limited spaces with insufficient conditions for optimal functioning and maintenance. Non-compliance with safety regulations in the workplace and prevention of risks posed by the facilities for users were also observed, such as the lack of regular cleaning, sanitization, and pest control. Over 2 tons of irregular food destined for customers were seized from internal catering points of the establishments, which were found to be expired, untraceable, and poorly preserved. In different regions, three restaurants were closed due to prevalent dirt, grease traces, insects, and dead cockroaches. The estimated value of the suspended activities amounted to over a million euros. In Sicily, the Carabinieri of Nas also seized olive oil and frozen meat in poor conditions from a beach establishment’s catering point, leading to the closure of a catering establishment and a food storage facility in other beach establishments within Catania province. In Caltanissetta province, a beach establishment operating without the required authorizations was also closed, with an estimated value of 150,000 euros. The Nas of Ragusa conducted the inspection.

Chiusi dai Nas 20 stabilimenti balneari in tutta Italia, uno dei quali in Sicilia: irregolarità in 3 lidi su 10

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