185 migrants arrive in Lampedusa: four boats escorted to the island.

185 migrants have landed in Lampedusa after being intercepted by the coast guard and the finance guard on four small boats. The first boat had 32 Syrians, Tunisians, Egyptians, and Bangladeshis who claimed to have departed from Zwara in Libya. The second boat had 114 people, including 19 women and 29 minors, from Morocco and Tunisia who left from Kerkenna. The third boat had 14 Tunisians, including 2 women and a minor, while the fourth boat had 25 individuals, including one woman, who departed from Gabes. Yesterday, there were 7 more landings on the Pelagie Islands with a total of 475 people.

Lampedusa, arrivati altri 185 migranti: quattro i barchini accompagnati sull’isola

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