183 Sicilian municipalities sanctioned for non-compliance with participatory democracy law, Palermo receives black mark

The Sicilian Region has published a table with sanctions to be applied to municipalities for failure or partial activation of participatory democracy processes in 2021. This was announced by the association Parliament Watch Italia, which launched the project “Let’s spend it Together.” The regional law on participatory democracy in Sicily requires all municipalities to spend at least 2% of the funds they receive annually from the Region, by asking people and associations to propose projects and then choose which ones to finance. If they do not do this, a fine is imposed and they are required to return the funds. In 2021, over 4 million and 400 thousand euros were available, of which 1 million and 926 thousand euros reportedly need to be refunded. The article states that there are 183 Sicilian municipalities to be sanctioned, but some may have been incorrectly penalized as in the case of Palermo, Catania, and Messina. The organization highlights discrepancies in the sanctions imposed on these cities, as they allegedly did involve citizens in participatory processes, contradicting the Region’s decision. Additional municipalities are also mentioned with doubts about their participation in the process. The article concludes with Parliament Watch Italia proposing a revision of the participatory democracy law in Sicily to ensure better and more transparent use of available funds.

Inapplicata la legge sulla democrazia partecipata, sanzionati dalla Regione 183 Comuni siciliani: maglia nera a Palermo

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