18 individuals reported for guerrilla warfare in Palermo for the St. Joseph’s feast.

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Blocked streets, scenes of urban guerrilla warfare with men and boys throwing bottles and objects at riot police. In Palermo, the Vampe of San Giuseppe were the occasion of serious incidents. For the clashes recorded in Piazza Sant’Anna al Capo, in Kalsa, in Ballarò and in Albergheria, the police identified 25 people, 18 of whom (including 14 minors) were referred to the competent judicial authorities as responsible for aggravated damage, dangerous throwing of objects, arson, resistance, ignition of fireworks, ignition of firecrackers and flares.

Investigations have found that the suspects would have organized almost militarily, anticipating possible clashes with police officers, carabinieri, financial police, municipal police officers and firefighters. From the images, it was possible to notice a division of roles between those who were supposed to throw stones, bottles and blunt objects, those who were tasked with lighting the fires with bottles full of gasoline, and those who supplied the young people with Molotov cocktails and stones, transporting them on scooters to the front lines. During the clashes, 3 police officers and 1 carabinieri were injured. A police van, a Fiat Punto and a carabinieri radio, an Iveco Daily of the financial guard, three fire brigade vehicles and two municipal police vehicles were damaged. Due to the damages, the suspects will be asked to compensate for the injuries inflicted on the injured among the law enforcement officers and vehicles. To identify the perpetrators, numerous images taken from surveillance cameras, the helicopter and the control room were reviewed.

Palermo, la guerriglia per le vampe di San Giuseppe: 18 denunciati

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