17-year-old girl murder in Caccamo: Morreale’s lawyer argues against life sentence, seeks second chance

The second section of the Palermo Court of Appeal has postponed the trial against Pietro Morreale, the 21-year-old accused of killing his girlfriend, Roberta Siragusa, by strangling and burning her while she was still alive in Caccamo in January 2021. Morreale, who was 19 at the time, had previously been sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal femicide. His lawyer argued that the young age of the defendant and the absence of premeditation should reduce the sentence to 30 years or less. The lawyer claimed that the victim had attempted suicide by setting herself on fire during a heated argument, and that Morreale’s failure to call for help was due to panic. The prosecution and the victim’s lawyers requested that Morreale’s life sentence be upheld. Morreale, who was present in court, did not make any statements.

L’omicidio della ragazza di 17 anni a Caccamo, l’arringa del difensore di Morreale: «No all’ergastolo, gli va data una seconda possibilità»

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