1,500 vine plants cut: warning for agricultural entrepreneurs

Editorial staff 05 September 2021 08:25

He cut 1,500 vine plants by cutting the tie rods that supported the vineyard. The damage – which has the appearance of a warning – was carried out in the Muxarello district, in the territory of Aragon. The owner of a farm based in Santa Elisabetta was targeted. The man, a forty-five year old, on Friday afternoon, showed up at the Carabinieri station in Aragon and told – and reported – what he had discovered in the previous days. Because the damage, which was reported only on Friday afternoon, would have been hit in the second half of August. To act, apparently, someone who was able to leave neither traces nor clues behind him. The damage caused to the agricultural entrepreneur, even if not yet exactly quantified in the amount, is considerable. The carabinieri of the Aragona station, who are coordinated by the lieutenant Paolino Scibetta, after having collected the complaint against unknown persons immediately started the investigative activity. The investigation, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Agrigento which was immediately informed, does not promise to be simple at all, but the military personnel do not seem willing to give up. The goal is, of course, to be able to identify those responsible for the warning. Just a few days earlier, but in the Fico Troiana district in Racalmuto, another damage was recorded: in that case it was razed to the ground, causing damage for about 5,000 euros, of a well-known and esteemed fifty-year-old in the country.

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