15-year-old arrested in Ragusa for operating small marijuana greenhouse at home

Police officers from the operational section of the Ragusa Police Department have arrested a fifteen-year-old boy for the production and possession of drugs with the intent to distribute. In his room, located in his father’s house (the parents are separated), the police found a “growbox” equipped with timed lighting, heating, and ventilation systems. Four marijuana plants, each about 30 cm long, were found inside the growbox. Additionally, three jars containing a total of approximately 70 grams of marijuana were discovered in a closet. The investigation began at the boy’s mother’s house after two minors, leaving that residence, were stopped by the police. They were found in possession of 9 grams of marijuana. Further investigation led to the discovery of 40 grams of marijuana hidden under a chair in the apartment. The investigation then extended to the father’s house, where the small indoor garden was found. Following further inquiries, the fifteen-year-old was arrested and, upon judicial order, taken to a reception center.

Aveva una piccola serra di marijuana in casa, quindicenne arrestato a Ragusa

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