14 unauthorized parking attendants in the historic center of Catania sanctioned

The police in Catania has carried out targeted evening services, with particular attention to the squares and main streets of the historic center, often crowded with citizens and tourists due to the presence of numerous bars and restaurants. The services have allowed to identify and stop 11 unauthorized parking attendants who were pestering drivers for money. These individuals were immediately removed from the square and fined according to the Highway Code. In addition, three more people engaged in the same illegal activity were stopped and fined. A total of 139 people and 49 vehicles were checked, along with 9 catering establishments to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Irregularities were found in some restaurants, resulting in fines ranging from 1,000 to 4,300 euros. Overall, the police and health agency personnel collaborated to enforce public safety and health regulations in the area.

Catania, sanzionati 14 parcheggiatori abusivi nel centro storico

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