11 rifles, 3 revolvers, and 684 pellet cartridges seized in Agrigento province.

Eleven rifles, 3 revolvers, and 684 12-gauge pellet cartridges have been confiscated as a precautionary measure because the owner no longer met the legal requirements for possessing firearms and ammunition. The Sciacca police, under the directive of Agrigento’s Questore Emanuele Ricifari, carried out extraordinary control services in Ribera, Lucca Sicula, and Burgio. Alongside officials from the Food and Nutrition Hygiene service, several restaurants, ice cream bars, and pastry bars in Sciacca were also inspected. Four cases resulted in fines totaling 11,000 euros due to violations of food hygiene and sanitary measures.

Undici fucili, 3 revolver e 684 cartucce a pallini ritirati in provincia di Agrigento

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