11 people on trial for trafficking cocaine from Catania to Marsala

The Prosecutor’s Office of Marsala has requested the indictment of eleven people involved in last year’s anti-drug operation by the Carabinieri “Fox”, which uncovered cocaine trafficking from Catania to Capo Boeo. According to investigators, around two kilograms of cocaine would arrive in Marsala every month, leading to lucrative illegal profits for the traffickers. Fourteen people are under investigation, six of whom were arrested. Those in jail include Vincenzo Fabio Licari, Pietro Marino, both from Marsala, and Agatino Lorenzo Abate from Catania. Others are under house arrest or required to stay at a specific location. The indictment has now been requested for several individuals involved in the case. Additionally, on June 1, 2023, assets “linked” to Vincenzo Fabio Licari were seized by the Carabinieri based on a court order requested by the Prosecutor’s Office. Among the seized assets is the “bar Pieruccio” next to the Marsala hospital “Paolo Borsellino”. Investigators believe these assets are either proceeds of drug trafficking or have a value disproportionately high compared to Licari’s declared income.

Traffico di cocaina da Catania a Marsala: undici persone vanno a processo

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