10,444 road accidents in Sicily in a year with 226 deaths: Catania has the highest number of victims.

In 2022, Sicily experienced 10,444 road accidents, resulting in the death of 226 people and injuring 15,199 others. This marks a significant increase in accidents and injuries compared to 2021, although the number of fatalities remained relatively stable. The province of Catania had the most fatal accidents, followed by Palermo and Messina. The majority of accidents occurred in urban areas, with the most serious incidents happening along the coast and in the provincial capitals. The most common type of accident involved two or more vehicles, with frontal-lateral collisions being the most frequent and deadliest. The main causes of accidents were failure to yield, excessive speed, and distracted driving. The majority of victims were drivers, followed by passengers and pedestrians, with the most at-risk age groups being 15-29 and 65 and older.

In Sicilia in un anno 10.444 incidenti stradali con 226 morti: Catania la provincia con più vittime

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