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  1. That was such an awesome collab, thank you Enna and Millie!

    Surprise offline karaoke collab with Millie Parfait.

    Enna is using Millie's 3D model and Millie is using Enna's 3D model.

    🕑 Timestamps

    2:12 [Stream Start]

    [Volume and mic testing]
    3:28 E: "Ok! The surprise is…" M: "We're together! We're dating!" E: "No!"
    4:06 Body swap demonstrations.

    13:12 🎵[1st song Cruel Angel's Thesis – Yoka Takahashi]🎵

    14:51 The lyrics were wrong!

    15:24 M: "TAIGA TAIGA TAIGA!" feat Pomu in chat. 🥬

    17:19 1st song end.

    17:39 Lore, it's been 2 years since Enna and Millie sang Cruel Angel's Thesis together.

    20:17 🎵[2nd song Yasashii Suisei – YOASOBI]🎵

    21:08 MILLIE(Enna model) VIBING!

    23:50 2nd song end.

    └ E: "Nice lip syncing"

    24:12 E: "OOOOOH There we go! This is payback!"

    25:00 🎵[3rd song Cry Baby – official hige dandism]🎵

    25:50 M: laughs "Did you say n!ppl3s?!" E: "HARDER!"

    27:11 M: "Snoooooop Dooooogg!"

    27:52 E: "Let's go! Rub your n!ppl3s!"

    28:56 3rd song end. E: "You're lucky this is on my channel…"

    30:10 E: "Is this hot?" M: "Like you…"

    31:26 🎵[4th song LION – Mayn & Megumi Nakajima]🎵

    36:10 E: "That wasn't so bad was it?"

    36:23 4th song end.

    └ E: "We practiced a lot for this song!"

    38:14 🎵[5th song Yoru ni Kakeru – YOASOBI]🎵

    38:38 Millie raps.

    41:27 Mishaps and laughs. E: _"I'm tired of my life_"

    41:53 And another one… remix.

    42:33 5th song end. M:_"We're sorry management…"_

    43:41 🎵[6th song Only my railgun – fripside]🎵

    46:17 Rap goddesses.

    47:44 6th song end.

    49:18*🎵[7th song KING – Kanaria]🎵*

    50:19 Failed attempt, trying again.

    51:09 🎵[7th song KING – Kanaria Take Two!]🎵

    51:16 Raptor Millie.

    52:00 Failing Left side Right side again.

    52:29 Rewinding to Left side Right side.

    53:54 7th song end.

    54:29 M: "Can we end the stream now?"

    54:56 M: "We did the song list like two minutes before the stream, that's why we were running late"

    55:46 🎵[8th song Pomu knows God knows – Aya Hirano]🎵

    57:28 Band noises.

    1:00:16 8th song end. E: "We're gonna lose our voices"

    1:02:04 🎵[9th song Amagigoe – Ishikawa Sayuri]🎵

    1:03:54 E: "Have you been trying to lipsync me?" M: "Yeah…"

    1:06:50 DAKI NINAAAAAA!

    1:06:57 9th song end.

    1:10:13 🎵[10th song Diamond City Light – Mafumafu, Lazulight]🎵

    1:12:46 Jinzou Faiya Taiga Taiga!!!

    1:14:14 10th song end.

    1:14:29 Mom Nina in chat. 🦊

    1:15:25 Remix of Black out – Mommy version

    1:16:39 🎵[11th song Black Out – Teddyloid, Obsydia]🎵

    1:19:37 11th song end. Both: "WOOOOOO" E: "I gotta pee"

    1:20:13 Millie-sensei teaching us tagalog "wholesome" words.

    1:21:43 Enna comes back and blessed KONMILLIE! Millie goes to the bathroom. Hat time.

    1:22:53 E:_"Is it worth to be Millie, because I don't see any benefits… I'm touching myself and there's not really anything… I'm gonna go back to being Enna tomorrow" M: "Yo, my zip's open"

    1:24:36 E: "This is gonna be our final song for tonight, then we'll go watch Elira ahah" 🐲

    1:26:24 🎵[Final song God sees all – Chibanyan, Ethyria]🎵

    1:26:45 First attempt failed.

    1:27:16 🎵[Final song God sees all – Chibanyan, Ethyria Take Two]🎵

    ├M: "Bogos binteeeed!"

    1:30:26 Final song end. ETHYRIA HYYYYPE!

    1:33:50 🎵[Encore song Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta mono~ – Machida Norihiko]🎵

    1:35:59🎉 Enna got to 80K subs!!!! Thank you everyone!!! 🎉

    1:38:45 M: "69 forever!"

    1:39:02 Encore song end.

    1:39:05 🎀[Post stream messages]🎀

    1:43:47 The SC readings will be done at the end of the next Millie Collab stream.

    1:44:07 [End of the stream] Otsu MilliEnna everyone! Bless you Enna and Millie!

  2. I've been blessed by angelic voices!!! You guys were soo gooooood!! I love you Millie and Enna!!! <333

    Just bawling my eyes out at the end.

  3. cant believe i only found this now omg this is so good i love you both 😭🙇🏽‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️

  4. Imagine last song they act like really going graduate after all laugh at beginning that gonna so great and suck at same time

    Well jk aside this stream is so great never going bored when going back here

  5. An official duet cover of LION would be incredible. It might have been the best rendition of LION I've heard, Enna's voice fits is so perfectly, and the harmonies were amazing.

  6. Thanks for such a great and amazing suprise cute angelic bird girl Enna-chan and adorable little witch Millie-chan.
    Your voices is so beautiful and pleasant and this karaoke collab is really a very big suprise for us.
    Waiting to your next karaoke streams idol girls👏 👏 👏👏 👏 👏👏 👏 👏👏 👏 👏👏 👏 👏

  7. i don't usually watch stream archives longer than 1 hour but this was really fun to watch i couldn't resist hhjh wishing you all the best of luck!

  8. Hollymolly!
    You two separately are already insanely good singers, but together, both off you sing even better then usual!!!

  9. I was so happy to see this great karaoke collab! You two are always great singers, but to see all the parts that you can harmonize so well is very special.

  10. What a pleasant surprise. Even if it came out of nowhere, I can sorta tell that the girls had done this before because their harmony was good. And if this was their first time, color me impressed.

  11. Wish I could've seen you guys live but this was a fun watch regardless. Love the scuff and the chaos you 2 are hilarious and have beautiful voices.

  12. 1:41:17 “Did you know Pennsylvania is a state? It’s where Dracula lives.”

    LMAOOO. i don’t blame millie since i said the same thing when i was drunk but you’re thinking about Transylvania.

  13. Lmao love how chat was cryin when u guys joked about graduating lmao weve been in so much pain but we still cant get used to it