Sicilian Beer Semedorato

Sicilian Beer Semedorato

If you live in Sicily or are on holiday on the island you can not help but drink Sicilian Beer Semedorato.

Semedorato beer is produced in Sommatino, in the province of Caltanissetta, from August 2014.
In less than three years it has become the most famous Sicilian beer on the island.

The goal of the owners who created this brewery, Francesco Indorato, Carmelo Indorato, Scalia Toni and Calogero Fonti, could seem unattainable and yet for Birra Semedorato, today, becoming a nation-wide brand and also looking at foreign markets has become a reality.
It has grown very quickly, thanks to an effective project wanted by entrepreneurs “with their feet on the ground”, aware that they have done something ambitious and ready to assume all the risks of the case, including any disappointments.

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