Cinema: "L & # 039; last little red house", story of a killed lieutenant

Wear the latest generation VR 360 viewers to immerse yourself in the memory and history of the Lieutenant Carmelo Onorato, a young officer of the Acqui division, shot in Kefalonia, in that massacre of Italian soldiers considered the first act of the Italian Resistance against fascism. The occasion is the film "The last red house" by the Palermo director Laura Schimmenti, produced by Playmaker, fresh from the international competition Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and which from today up to Saturday can be seen at Cre.zi. Plus to the Canteri Culturali alla Zisa. The reservation is mandatory to reserve the viewers and can be done by sending an email with your name to The project starts from the discovery of the diaries and photo albums related to the years of Onorato's maternal grandfather's stay in Greece of the director. A collective tragedy, that massacre carried out by the German army after the armistice of 8 September 1943 which saw the extermination of five thousand Italian soldiers, now abandoned on the Greek island, intertwined with the mourning of Netty Bravo, a young bride and mother of little Ina, who learns of the shooting of her husband only two years after her death. Netty, still in Palermo, is waiting for the end of the conflict to be able to hug her partner, but she will have to face two years of emptiness and anguish until the lapidary telegram from the Ministry of War puts an end to her hopes. Carmelo's companions, survivors of the massacre, will give tears to that pain and tell through intense and poignant letters, the last days of life of the brave lieutenant from Palermo. For the Sicilian director the opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of her grandfather, whose presence has punctuated childhood and youth and transformed that family loss. In the cast a group of Sicilian actors: Claudio CollovĂ  (grandfather Carmelo), Simona Malato (grandmother Netty), Marika Pugliatti, Enzo Vetrano, Stefano Randisi, Paolo La Bruna, Sandro Dieli, Giuseppe Massa. The film, lasting 46 minutes, was shot entirely in Sicily: the Cretto di Burri in Gibellina, Poggioreale, Montecofano and the interiors at Cantieri are the locations. .

Music: Silvia Vaglica scene at "Play Piano Play"

PALERMO, MARCH 21 – The program of the "Play Piano Play" festival continues with the young musician, Silvia Vaglica, who has just returned from a tour in America, a solitary rehearsal specialist and she too is committed to telling herself through a varied program of rhapsodies . For "Le Musiche del Nostro Tempo", on Thursday 21st March at 9.00 pm at the Real Teatro Santa Cecilia, the Palermo artist will take the stage of the historic theater with a very particular performance based on a refined and refined sound. The program planned for the exhibition has a rhapsodic character. La Vaglica will perform pieces of sacred music by Bonifacio Maria Krug and Franz Liszt that are part of his debut CD distributed internationally by the prestigious label Tactus. The young artist has combined a Hungarian rhapsody of Liszt and Gershwin's rapsody in a piano solo arrangement to conclude a journey through the depths of music that tells life with epic intensity. Silvia Vaglica is a true Sicilian excellence: very young graduate in piano and chamber music with honors and honorable mention at the Conservatory of Palermo, she presents a rich artistic curriculum, boasting numerous prizes and awards at national and international level. Her natural musical curiosity and her love for research led her to play a wide and varied repertoire of musical genres.

Art: Stand Florio shines in Palermo

PALERMO, MARCH 21 – From the circle of Palermo nobility of the early twentieth century to "contemporary hub". After years of abandonment, stand Florio Stand, a small jewel on the south coast of Palermo. The liberty building, designed in 1905 by Ernesto Basile commissioned by Vincenzo Florio Jr, today becomes a space dedicated to events, exhibitions, exhibitions, tastings. In its spaces it will be possible to experience different types of experiences, such as attending an art or photography exhibition, having dinner in the garden and watching a film or watching a concert in the arena with more than 300 seats. The redevelopment of the Florio Stand is part of the Valore Paese-FARI project, the notice of the Agenzia del Demanio e Difesa Servizi spa to recover and enhance the Italian coastal structures in partnership with private individuals. The Florio stand, included in the 2016 call, was awarded for 50 years to Servizitalia, a cooperative company that established the Florio Unipersonale srl stand for the management "Renovation work – explains Giuseppe Vaiana, the architect who signed the restoration project – they lasted 11 months, from December 2017 to November 2018, under the high surveillance of the Superintendency of Palermo.It was a conservative restoration with regard to the central building, the building 'del Tiro al Piccione', which presents an Arabic Moorish appearance with a clear liberty connotation.
The building next to it, the one that was once intended for punters of the Tiro al Piccione, houses the kitchen and the cafeteria and today it becomes the 'Caffè Targa'. But it is the garden on which we have been able to realize a completely innovative project thanks to the collaboration of a landscape architect. Dedicated to Donna Franca Florio and covering approximately 3,000 square meters, it hosts over sixty plant species that fit into the urban landscape, an oasis of relaxation and well-being ". The Florio Stand will also be a space dedicated to the Contemporary. The curator Alba Romano Pace in collaboration with Maria Letizia Cassata of Mesime will propose to the public a program of events and productions of internationally renowned artists.The goal is to create, in a historical place linked to the territory, a park dedicated to Land Art, and not only, continuing the established dialogue of the city of Palermo with the contemporary, tested on the occasion of Manifesta 12. "Through the door" is the title of the first installation chosen for the inauguration of the Florio stand.The Florio stand can be visited on the occasion of the expected occasions for opening to the public. .

Theater: fairy tale to the sound of rain to fight boredom

The show "(Una) Regina" finalist of the Infancy 2017 stage award, a creation by Stefania Ventura, on stage with Gisella Vitrano, will be staged on Sunday 24 March at 5 pm, at the Teatro Libero. A production by Vignola Theater Event, Quintoequilibrio association of Turin.
"The story begins on a rainy day; when it rains it is better to stay at home," Stefania Ventura and Gisella Vitrano affirm, "the parade of the band is canceled and so two sisters, with glittering instruments still in their hands, look out the window." she is very sad, the other absorbed. To combat boredom they will invent a fairy tale that will transport them back in time, when there were old rulers tired of reigning and obedient girls, whose destiny was written in the name they were born with ".
"We have chosen – they add – to elaborate some questions related to the theme of freedom and courage, summarizing them through the creation of a fairy tale so that they can be absorbed in a simple and immediate way by the child's unconscious that, from the earliest age, listening and traveling through fantastic stories, it prepares itself to grow, to encode the symbols and to develop its own solutions ".

Scarantino wife, spoke with the pm

PALERMO, MARCH 21 – "I found some leaflets at home of my ex-husband with the numbers of the cell phones and the office of the pm, at the time in service in Caltanissetta, Nino Di Matteo, Anna Palma, Carmelo Petralia and Gianni Tinebra. Sometimes it closed in room to talk to them on the phone " wife of the false repentant Vincenzo Scarantino, Rosalia Basile, deposing the trial on the investigation of the investigation massacre of via D'Amelio. The witness handed in the tickets.

Messina Beer makes "Salt Crystals"

MESSINA, MARCH 21 – Presented today on the occasion of a Open day with institutions and journalists in the Messina Brewery la new 'Messina Cristalli di Sale' beer, made for Heineken. The beer that will be distributed from March will have the addition a pinch of crystals from the Trapani salt pans. Satisfied Domenico Sorrenti president of the Messina Brewery coop illustrated the new collaboration with Heineken: "And with pride that we have accepted the proposal of the big industry to produce a beer that bears the name of our city and that it will enhance it throughout the national territory. Beer Salt Crystals is a lager of pure malt of 5 degrees from the golden and luminous color, with a natural opalescence, from the compact and persistent foam.

Blutec: workers' procession to T. Imerese

PALERMO, MARCH 21 – About 1,500 people have participated in Termini Imerese at the event in support of former Fiat workers, organized after the legal affair that involves the Blutec top management, the company to which it was entrusted with the industrial relaunch of the area after the closure of the establishment in November 2011.
Alongside the workers, most of whom are in cash integration for about 8 years, citizens took to the streets, students and twenty mayors of the district who have termitano parade in procession with gonfalons. During the meeting held in front of the town hall of Termini Imerese, the national secretary of Fiom, Francesca Re David – present with the secretaries of Fim and Uilm – announced that it was convened on April 9th a meeting at the Mise to discuss the dispute.

Mafia: Day for the memory of victims, procession in Palermo

PALERMO, MARCH 21 – "Augusta died without having truth and justice, but one cannot live hoping that justice will arrive in the afterlife. Today I am here for you too". Thus Vincenzo Agostino ideally opens the March of Libera da Palermo, in the day of memory and commitment. He wears a shirt with a portrait of his wife, Augusta Schiera, who recently passed away, and his son Antonino, a police officer killed with his wife Ida Castelluccio in 1989. For that murder, wrapped in mysteries and misleading, he wears a white beard that he does not have more cut. His is the first Memorial Day without his wife.
With him parade other family members of victims of the mafia, like Placido Rizzotto, all surrounded by a colorful crowd of students from Palermo schools who took to the streets at the same time as the national demonstration in Padua.
"The mafia kills, silence as well" they shout in chorus while they show signs saying "Their ideas walk on our legs". The memory that this morning has made an appointment in Palermo will be combined with the commitment of those who today manifest themselves: from Piazza Bologni passing through the Quattro Canti and up to the Teatro Massimo, where about a thousand names of innocent mafia victims, simple citizens, will be read. magistrates, journalists, law enforcement officers, priests, businessmen, trade unionists, politicians and local administrators killed by the mafias just because they did their duty. .

Cycling: Nibali "Sanremo? I'll try"

ROME, MARCH 21 – "I'm happy with the signals I have received from the Tirreno-Adriatico, because they show that mine condition is growing. The Sanremo is perhaps the best race difficult to interpret and this is its great charm. Not it will be easy to repeat last year's task, but I will do my best to try ". So Vincenzo Nibali, on the website of Bahrain-Merida, in the antivigilia of the 110 / a Milan-Sanremo that on Saturday he will face the defending champion. "The Sanremo is one of the most popular races: it seems easy, but it only takes a second to win it or lose it. The Paris-Nice gave me a good one I reply and hope to be at my best, "adds Sonny Colbrelli.

Abusive boxes also for 11 dogs, 8 complaints

CATANIA, MARCH 21 – Abusive accommodations made like garages, storage rooms and dog boxes have been seized by agents of the Nesima police station in Catania and then killed by the Municipality. During the operation they were found eleven dogs, which the police define "almost all in partial state of abandonment, malnourished and scared ", which were visited by doctors of the veterinary Asp. Some have been entrusted to volunteer associations, while the others are been returned to the owners and will be periodically subject to verification. At the conclusion of the checks were eight people reported for the state of animal abandonment and for the illegal occupation of land. During the operation, to avoid any problems of public order was present police. .