Prof suspended, sit in solidarity Cagliari

CAGLIARI, MAY 22 – Sit in solidarity also a Cagliari for Rosa Maria Dell'Aria, the teacher suspended for two weeks after his students had come to work of class the racial laws of Mussolini to the security decree e immigration in 2018. The garrison was organized in front at the Bastion of Saint Remy by the Cobas Cagliari and saw the participation of dozens of colleagues – for the most part women – of the Sicilian teacher.
"What happened to Professor Dell'Aria – we read in a flyer – it can happen to any of us at any time.
Freedom of teaching is at stake, our tranquility in class and our relationship with the boys, ours dignity ". Lavinia Flavia Cassano was also mentioned in the leaflet fired for railing against law enforcement during an anti-fascist demonstration.

Mattarella, Falcone-Borsellino idea lives

ROME, MAY 22 – "The ideas of Falcone and Borsellino they continue to walk and today we give back to their memory tribute, knowing that the commitment of Falcone and Borsellino is not disappeared, he did not stop. He was hired by others people ", said the president Sergio Mattarella speaking to Civitavecchia on the occasion of the departure of the ship of the legality.

Falcone: Musumeci, I won't go to the bunker

PALERMO, MAY 22 – "Tomorrow I will not go painfully in the bunker classroom for the first time. I'm sorry for the lady Falcon. The controversies are many, there is too much poison, there is too much hate and all this does not sound to respect the memory of Judge Falcone and the poor agents of the escort " president of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci.
"Tomorrow – he adds – I will go to the Lungaro barracks to assist to the deposition of the laurel wreath by the head of the police and then I go back to my office to work to try pull the kids out of the conditioning they undergo every day by organized crime, which feeds and yes feeds on the desperation of young people ".

Falcone: sister judge, no controversy

"The anniversary of the Capaci massacre symbolizes the unity of the nation in the fight against the mafias and in the defense of democracy, freedom and legality. May 23rd honors not only my brother Giovanni, his wife Francesca Morvillo, Paolo Borsellino and the heroic inventory agents, but also to all the other men and women of the institutions that have sacrificed their lives for all of us.My hope is that no controversy will dirty the celebrations in memory of the massacres of Capaci and Via D'Amelio "It is essential that on that day, as has been the case for 26 years, the institutions confirm the commitment of the State with their presence". He says this on the eve of the commemoration of the Capaci Maria Falcone massacre, sister of the magistrate killed by the mafia on May 23, 1992 and president of the Falcone Foundation. In the massacre, in addition to the two magistrates Falcone and Morvillo, the state police officers of the escort Vito Schifani, Rocco Dicillo and Antonio Montinaro died. "Nothing – he adds – must undermine the enthusiasm and joy of the thousands of children and young people from schools throughout Italy who come to Palermo and live this event as the culmination of a year of study and commitment on the issues of legality and democracy. May 23 is above all for them ".

Falcone: Fava, I go to Capaci no to bunker

PALERMO, MAY 22 – "They transformed the memory of the judge Falcone in the feast of Santa Rosalia. Instead of bishops and thunderbolts who spread incense tomorrow will be the Roman ministers, the only ones who will be entitled to talk (with their good live broadcast) and to explain how to fight what ours. That is, they will come, from Rome, to explain it to the Sicilians, to those who have been skinning for half a century the soul and sore his knees in an attempt to free himself from the mafie ". The president writes in a long post on Facebook of the regional anti-mafia commission, Claudio Fava, who announces that tomorrow he will not remember Giovanni Falcone in the Palermo bunker classroom but will go to the No Mafia cottage, above the site of the Capaci massacre from where it would have been pressed the remote control that caused the explosion of the TNT, the counter-demonstration organized by Arci and Anpi.
"I prefer – he says – to go to Capaci, to the place where everything it happened, I prefer to be together with those who do not like the masses sung on the dead ".

Work accident: retired dies

RAFFADALI (AGRIGENTO), 22 MAY – A pensioner seventy years old, Giovanni Maragliano, was the victim of a accident at work in the Firriato district in Raffadali (AG) while plowing his land with a tractor. It seems – i carabinieri are still trying to rebuild the incident – that the seventy could have made a wrong maneuver.
The elder was seriously injured and was rescued by the family members who transported him to the San hospital Giovanni di Dio from Agrigento where the seventy year old died little after.

Solidarity: Tennis Tournament to support MSF in the Palermo Country

PALERMO, 22 MAY РFrom 3 to 9 June on the fields of the Country Time club Palermo, the "Doppio Giallo" tennis tournament that has the slogan "Let's give a helping hand to those who help, a set for Doctors without borders". Part of the proceeds of the event, organized by Gaetano Davì in collaboration with the Country, will in fact be donated to Msf, the NGO Nobel Peace Prize. In the first 4 days, the tournament includes double male and double women's qualifying matches. Once the meetings are over, it will continue on Friday with the "double mixed" formula where the knockout rounds and the quarterfinals will be played, while on Saturday the semi-finals and finals will be played. At the end of the matches the winners of the men's group, the women's group and the mixed group will be awarded. For the registration to the Tournament the Fit card valid for 2019, even if not competitive, is mandatory. .

Palermo, entrepreneurs ready with 3 mln

PALERMO, 22 MAY – A group of entrepreneurs e Local professionals has already given willingness to acquire, in ways and terms to define, a package of Palermo shares football, for a value of 3 million euros. There Negotiation is underway and "the figure – let the company know in one." note – has not yet been filed in the club's coffers rosanero ".
The verdict of the federal appellate court is expected tomorrow who will have to rule on the appeal against the sentence of federal sports court that in the first instance condemned the Palermo – ranked third in the B championship – in the Serie C.

Sea Watch searched, journalist does not give the camera

A search by the Finance Police on board the "Sea Watch 3" ship, anchored and sequestered in Licata, has been underway for hours. The crew, from what we learn, is collaborating with the police, but an American journalist, registered as part of the crew, refuses, in the absence of her New York lawyer, to deliver the camera with which she filmed all. The prosecutor also ordered – but the journalist does not give in – to make copies of the films and leave the originals. The attorney for the commander of the Sea Watch 3, lawyer Alessandro Gamberini, announced on leaving the court in Agrigento that "the story was filmed. There were journalists from the New York Times and a German freelance who have documented the testimonies of migrants with photos and videos. All these things will be recovered by the Procura of Agrigento and will give confirmation of the things we have said. It is a story in the light of the sun, nothing to exploit ". "It is not clear – he added – why a ship that performs an operation of this type can be treated, by the Italian State, as an offensive ship when it enters territorial waters".

Roland Garros, Fognini seeded No.9

ROME, MAY 21 – The heads of series, male and female, of the upcoming Roland tournament Garros, second seasonal Slam that will start on Sunday 26th red clay courts of Paris. In male seeding, where I am absent due to injury Kevin Anderson and John Isner, are three blues present: Fabio Fognini (seeded # 9), Marco Cecchinato (n.17) and Matteo Berrettini (n.30). The draw of the main draw will take place Thursday evening. In the men's field seeded n.1 is Novak Djokovic, followed by Nadal, Federer, Thiem and Zverev; in the female field the Japanese Osaka precedes the Pliskova, the Halep, Bertens and Kerber.