Marcucci, Zingaretti explains about Pharaoh

ROME, 20 JULY – "The Sicilian PD affair cannot be closed with the self-suspension of Davide Faraone. Friday in the direction the secretary Zingaretti will have to explain properly what prompted the guarantee commission to take on one decision so heavy by majority. The secretary preached the unity and the overcoming of the currents, but too often it is conditioned by his ". This was stated by the president of the senators Pd Andrea Marcucci. "Pharaoh must return to the regional secretary – continues Marcucci – the rules must go back to being respected. Know the secretary that the wound that occurred it cannot be declassified to a local issue ".

Music: in Taormina & # 039; La traviata & # 039;

PALERMO, 20 JULY – With a surprise setting on the Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte, in Caltagirone, one is open – with public success – the third edition of "Mythos Opera Festival ", with" Cavalleria rusticana "in scenic form Caltagirone the festival opera moved on 22 July to 21.30 in Taormina, at the Greek Theater, with "La traviata" by Verdi.
"This year the festival is dedicated to Franco Zeffirelli – he says the artistic director, Nino Strano, who signs with René Fiorentini the director -. I met and worked with him, e for the Italian melodrama it remains a point of reference essential. For Traviata I will focus above all on elegance costumes, dances, on the scenes that recall certain living rooms of Versailles. It will be a bit dandy elegance. I wouldn't want anything else unravel. "
Abandoning politics, Nino Strano returns to his first love, and engages with Verdi's masterpiece, drama life of Violetta Valery, whistled when she appeared at La Fenice of Venice and then praised all over the world; just the work that Zeffirelli studied more than any other. The protagonist is the soprano Polish-German Aleksandra Buczek, deep and full-bodied voice.
The beloved Alfredo is Federico Parisi, and Giorgio Germont is played by Andrea Sari. Michela Rago e Francesco Ciprì. Stefano Romani conducts the Philharmonic orchestra of Sicily. The Mediterranean Choir is directed by Alessandra Pipitone.
La Traviata will be repeated in Palermo on 21 and 28 August at Verdura Theater. "Cavalleria Rusticana" and "Pagliacci" on the 29th Taormina and 7 August in Palermo. The "Aida" completes the program, with Giovanna Casolla in the role of Amneris, and the direction by Attilio Colonnello, famous painter and stage designer, on the 12th August at the Greek Theater and the 14th in Palermo.
"It was Franco Zeffirelli – stresses Strano – a to invent the Circuit of Myth, when I was Tourism Councilor, and today we dedicate to him some of the most beloved Italian melodramas from the public ".

Earthquakes: "Modex" exercise in the Belice Valley

PALERMO, 20 JULY – "There is no better way than remember the victims of the 1968 earthquake in the Valle del Belìce if not training rescuers around the world a save human lives involved in the same tragedy in the future.
We are proud to be able to contribute, for the second time, to the activities of the international Modex exercise " said yesterday the mayor of Montevago and president of Ars Health Committee, Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo, during the closing ceremony of the international Modex exercise Sicily 2019, designed and built by the National Corps of Fire Brigade under the aegis of the European Commission, with the collaboration by the Civil Protection Department National, of the Civil Protection of the Sicilian Region, of the Department of Cultural Heritage and of Sicilian Identity e of the administrations of the Municipalities of Poggioreale (TP) and Montevago (AG).
The exercise took place among the ruins of Poggioreale Ancient and in the old center of Montevago, in the territory of the Valle del Belìce, struck by the tragic earthquake of 1968, therefore in a real red earthquake zone, where in these days a seismic swarm was recorded. The exercise allowed to test the Civil Protection mechanism in the event of an event seismic and in particular the ability to unfold, of search and rescue and interoperability of 5 teams specialized in research and rescue in urban areas, from Morocco, Israel, England, the Czech Republic and France. About 200 participated in the exercise rescuers plus the Italian staff called to provide the logistics: Arma dei Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Police of State, Italian Army, Air Force, Ministry of the Health, Superintendencies to Cultural Heritage of Agrigento e Trapani ..

Ciancimino at home, he is sick

PALERMO, 20 JULY – Leave Massimo prison Ciancimino, son of the former mayor of the Mafia and superteste al State-Mafia negotiation process. The court of Rome Supervision has accepted the request of his lawyers e granted him home detention for health reasons.
Ciancimino had a stroke in recent months.
Don Vito's son must serve a final sentence a 3 years for holding explosives and one for two years and eight months for recycling. He is currently accused on appeal in Palermo in process on the so-called negotiation after an eight conviction years at first instance for slandering the former police chief Gianni De Gennaro.
At the first hearing of the appeal process his lawyer had asked for an expert opinion on the accused's mental state by supporting that he was not able to consciously participate in the method.

Barrel cohabitant attacked by in-laws

CATANIA, 20 JULY – Destroys the furniture in the home and beats the 22-year-old partner, kicking and punching her, in front of their three daughters, for economic problems. But he risks then to be 'lynched' by his in-laws, he 41 years old and she 36, who they wanted to avenge the daughter who had called them to help.
The protagonist of the story is a 23-year-old who was arrested by the carabinieri of the Catania provincial command for family abuse and personal injury. Military of the Arma put the girl's parents under house arrest, for resistance and violence to public officials, which they had a struggle with the carabinieri who prevented them from hit the 22 year old. The girl, visited by the doctors of the ready rescue of the Catania Polyclinic, was judged curable in about ten days. For the three the magistrate, after the validation arrest, ordered his release and the obligation to presentation to the judicial police. Also for the 23rd absolute prohibition of approaching the former partner.

Etna: ash drop, reopened airspace

CATANIA, 20 JULY – 'Slow down' the emission of ash from Etna in eruption and from 11 was reopened in all areas of airspace. This was announced by Sac, Catania airport management company, stressing that however, delays and inconveniences may occur, but the situation should soon return to normal and inviting passengers to check the status of your flight with the airlines.
Information on the airport's general operations are available on the official website of the airport, and on Facebook and Twitter profiles the airport.

Pirate TV: disrupted ZSat platform

PALERMO, 20 JULY – The State Police of Palermo has disrupted an IT infrastructure, managed by pirated TV platform 'ZSat', which allowed for reproduction abusive, through the internet, of the whole Sky schedule.
The operation was carried out by section personnel cybercrime of the Postal Police, coordinated by the Prosecutor of Palermo, who reported a 35-year-old for violation of the copyright law. In his home he was found the 'source' of the pirate platform 'ZSat', composed from 57 Sky Italia decoders, connected to devices for the retransmission on the internet, for a round of customers final estimated at around 11,000 people throughout Italy. In house the postal police has seized, hidden in the drains of the bathrooms and in the garbage, well 186,900 euros in cash and a professional machine counts banknotes, gold bars, and two hardware "wallets" (virtual wallets) containing cryptomoneta in different currencies, of high value.

Etna, partially reopened airspace

CATANIA, 20 JULY – Given the drop in energy in the eruption of Etna, with the consequent decrease of the emission of volcanic ash in the atmosphere, the unit of Crisis of the Catania airport has ordered the partial reopening of airspace. Up to 11pm it will be allowed the arrival of 6 aircraft every hour, while the departures do not will suffer limitations, but may be subject to delays and inconveniences. The airport of Comiso (Ragusa) is instead fully operational. Any possible updates will be promptly notified by the Sac that invites passengers to check the status of your flight with the airlines.
Information on the airport's general operations are available on the official website of the airport, and on Facebook and Twitter profiles the airport.

From the Etna clouds of ashes, closed skies

CATANIA, 20 JULY – The eruption resumed with energy on Etna characterized by intense Strombolian activity from the summit craters with 'lava fountains', roars and the spillage of a casting. The phenomenon, 'concentrated' in the high zone e desert of the volcano, is accompanied by a strong emission of ash that led to the closure of the air spaces on Catania and Comiso (Ragusa) which prevents landings and take-offs in the two stopovers. The Sac crisis unit will return to meet tomorrow at 6.30 am for the decisions to adopt for the two airports. The volcanic system appears 'charged' with energy as demonstrated the high level of the tremor of the magmatic internal ducts of Etna registered by the Institute's Etna Observatory National Geophone and Volcanology Center of Catania.

Zamparini house arrest revoked

PALERMO, 19 JULY – Arrests have been revoked domiciliary to the former owner of Palermo Maurizio Zamparini.
The review court, after rejecting the petitions previous, this time accepted the lawyers' request of Zamparini because, with the company excluded from the federal cadres, there are no longer the conditions for the repetition of the crimes contested.
Zamparini was under house arrest at his Aiello residence del Friuli since last January 25 due to the alleged irregularities in the management of the rosanero company.
The former president and owner of Palermo precisely for i False accounting and false corporate communications are below immediate trial. In the last hearing it had been authorized his presence in the classroom without escort in Palermo for testify, on September 18, on the day of the recovery of the trial against him.