Municipalities: Messina De Luca, I resign as mayor


After three months and three days from his election the mayor of Messina, Cateno De Luca in a post on Facebook published a letter announcing his resignation as the first citizen to date on October 8th. It is en route with the city council for delays on the examination of the resolutions. The letter is addressed to the general secretary and to the president of the municipal council of Messina. De Luca states that the start of the mandate will be delivered next October 1 to the general protocol and asks to convene a municipal council, preferably for October 6, inserting as points on the agenda the examination of the beginning of the mandate, the indifferent and urgent measures to safeguard the economic and financial balance of the municipality and the examination of the situation of the investee companies, the resignation as mayor. De Luca finally announces that he will perform the functions of the first citizen until next October 7th.