Migrants: "Where you have to stay", a film about women

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PALERMO, APRIL 15 – Three months after its release in over 30 cities throughout Italy with great success, Where to stay, the documentary film directed by Daniele Gaglianone written with Stefano Collizzolli, produced by ZaLab in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders (MSF), will be screened in Palermo at the Rouge et Noir, Tuesday, April 16th at 8.00 pm, within the "Le Beres de la Inquiry" event organized by the CinemaZero association. It will be presented by Beppe Ciaccio (Palermo Group of Doctors Without Borders) and by Maria Concetta Sala (Women's Library – Legal Advice Center (UdiPalermo-onlus). Where it is necessary to show the commitment of four women towards migrants: Georgia Borderi, a 26-year-old from Como, Lorena Fornasier, a retired psychotherapist in Pordenone, Elena Pozzallo, who works in Bussoleno and lives in Oulx, in the mountains of Alta Valsusa, Jessica Cosenza, a student in Cosenza. they come from different contexts, united by perceptions, thoughts and actions that have pushed them to stop in front of situations of marginality and exclusion and to remain where they felt it was necessary to be women who practice welcoming and who allow them to cross, with simplicity and without wanting to give lessons, the human territory of recognizing the other starting from oneself, asking questions and leaving the answers to us. "In a period in which who or pear to save the lives of people forced to flee from war and misery undergoes strong pressures and clear episodes of criminalization, this documentary wants to change the dominant narrative on the perception that Italians have about the presence of migrant people in our country "declares Claudia Lodesani, infectious disease, president of MSF in Italy ..