Cinema: back & # 039; Totò who lived twice & # 039;


PALERMO, APRIL 15 – April 19 at 9 pm, at the De cinema Silk of cultural sites at Zisa, in Palermo, will be screened "Totò who lived twice, a film from '98 by Daniele Ciprì and Franco Maresco, targeted by the censorship commission, that stopped him judging him blasphemous and "degrading to dignity of the Sicilian people, of the Italian world and of humanity ", judgment that contributed to the trial brought against the two directors for contempt of the Catholic religion, from which Ciprì and Maresco were acquitted.
The film, which comes out in the version restored by the Cineteca di Bologna, "was indeed scandalous, but for the reasons opposites. In a world – writes Nicola Lagioia – which has ceased to wondering about the strength, the beauty, the mystery of the message evangelical, nothing is more provocative and scandalous than whom this investigation attempts instead to do it ".
The screening will be introduced by Maresco and the critic cinema Emiliano Morreale.