Month: April 2019

Mafia: Salvini lays flowers in front of a plaque Basile in Monreale

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini stopped and deposited a bouquet of flowers in front of the tombstone dedicated to Emanuele Basile, an officer of the carabinieri assassinated in Monreale by the mafia on the evening of May 3, 1980. returning home, along with his wife and four-year-old daughter, after witnessing the procession for the Feast of the Holy Crucifix. The officer had his sleeping daughter Barbara in his arms when the hitters of the Cosa Nostra shot him several times. Basile shielded his daughter to protect her from bullets. He died soon afterwards in the hospital.

Fraud: Gdf discovers 300 false laborers

MESSINA, APRIL 25 – A millionaire fraud against damage Inps was discovered in Messina by the Guardia di Finance that has notified a notice of conclusions of investigations preliminary "issued by the Public Prosecutor of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto against an agricultural entrepreneur. Man has been sued for fraud against the State, undue compensation of non-existent credits and unfaithful declaration.
The survey allowed to detect that the entrepreneur through false claims of subordinate work has resulted as workers of their own individual company almost 300 employees. To the same, over the years subjected to the investigators' checks were numerous sick pay, agricultural unemployment, al family unit and maternity for a total of over 3 million of Euro. The scam was identified thanks to the intersection ed to the analysis of a huge amount of data that has allowed for demonstrate the falsity of the numerous employment relationships established.

April 25, controversy over time changes

PALERMO, APRIL 25 – Controversy in Palermo for the manifestation in memory of April 25 at the English garden, organized by Anpi with the CGIL and ARCI, scheduled for 9.30am and advanced to 8. Laying of the laurel wreaths in front of the memorial stones reminiscent of Pompeo Colajanni (commander Barbato, liberator of Turin), and the Acqui division that he fought in Testimony lasted for 15 minutes, say Kefalonia. There prefecture informed ANPI yesterday of the anticipation time. At least 200 people arrived in front of the cippi before the time that was originally announced, but when the institutional ceremony was over. The prefecture of Palermo it is known that "the ceremony was scheduled for 8".
A citizen, Giovanni Cacciatore, who went to the garden English says: "All this mortifies the citizens who still have the sense of the state and respect for democracy and even more so denotes disrespect towards those who allowed, with true sacrifice, to conquer democracy ".

Millionaire scam at the # 039; Inps, Gdf discovers 300 false laborers

MESSINA, APRIL 25 – A millionaire fraud against INPS was discovered in the Messina area by the Guardia di Finanza, which notified a "notice of preliminary investigation findings" issued by the Public Prosecutor of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto against an agricultural entrepreneur. The man was reported for fraud against the State, undue compensation of non-existent credits and unfaithful declaration. The survey has shown that the entrepreneur through false attestations of subordinate work has turned out to be almost 300 employees as employees of his own company. The same, over the years subjected to investigators' checks, have been paid numerous sickness benefits, agricultural unemployment, family allowances and maternity leave for a total of over 3 million euro. The scam was identified thanks to the intersection and analysis of a huge amount of data that allowed us to demonstrate the falsity of the numerous established work relationships. The allowances received allowed the man to obtain non-existent credits used to offset other taxes up to a total of about one million three hundred thousand euros. For the latter amount, the magistrate issued a specific preventive seizure decree, which allowed for the recovery of the amounts wrongly compensated. The tax damage caused was reported to the Court of Auditors and to the paying agency to allow their recovery.

Mafia: Mayor Corleone, young people free from conditioning

CORLEONE (PALERMO), 25 APR – "A Corleone for many very long years the mafia has dominated coming to lengthen the tentacles throughout the national territory and beyond, but Corleone never gave up by arresting Riina, Bagarella and Provenzano, captured by Renato Cortese's team " said the mayor of Corleone, Nicolò Nicolosi, speaking at the ceremony in the presence of the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.
"Corleone never comes back – the mayor added – but the new generation is already free from mafia conditioning and march towards freedom ". Addressing Salvini, he said: "There is great satisfaction among the people of Corleone for his presence here; Corleone expects important signals from the state for growth and development that pass above all from the connection of this area with the city ".

Salvini in Corleone inaugurates a new police station

CORLEONE (PALERMO), APRIL 25 – Vice Premier Matteo Salvini has discovered the plaque of the new Corleone police station (Pa). The Minister of the Interior was received in the square by the police chief Franco Gabrielli, from the prefect of Palermo Antonella De Miro and the Palermo superintendent Renato Cortese. Monsignor Michele Pennisi celebrated the blessing of the police ..

April 25: Salvini, may it be a union day

"I would like April 25 to be the day of union and peacemaking in the name of the coming Italy, then everyone keeps their own ideas, distances and goals: I chose Corleone to tell young people that the state wins". Thus the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in Corleone (Pa).

Wind bribes: from the Sicily Region to stop concessions

PALERMO, APRIL 24 – The Sicilian Region has dropped the ax on projects involved in the inquiry into renewable energy.
The general manager of the Department of Energy Salvatore D'Urso, in agreement with the governor Nello Musumeci, ordered the immediate suspension and the start of the procedure for the revocation of the authorizations to some of the companies ended up in the center of the investigation that emerged in the days past. In particular, these are the companies: "Sunpower", for a 55-megawatt plant (actually not yet built) in the territory of Carlentini and Melilli, in the province of Syracuse; Etnea for ten connections to the national electricity grid for an equal number of mini-wind plants in Calatafimi-Segesta in the Trapani area.
The proceedings underway to authorize two biomethane production plants required by the "Solgesta" company were also suspended. In the latter case, the enormous disproportion between the planned investment (over 80 million euros) and the paid-up share capital (2,500 euros), as well as the non-authorization by the Company of scope of the waste. .

Stalking on official, Mayor M5s Bagheria in judgment

PALERMO, APRIL 24 – The judge of the Termini Imerese court Claudio Bencivinni ordered the indictment for Bagheria's mayor Patrizio Cinque, elected with the 5-star Movement, his deputy Fabio Atanasio and former councilor Luca Tripoli. They are accused of abuse of office, stalking and personal injury. The judge accepted the request of the prosecutor Luisa Vittoria Campanile. The shortened procedure for the former municipal secretary Eugenio Alessi was ordered. Live Sicily website says so. The mayor would have committed the crimes to the detriment of a municipal leader, Laura Picciurro, defended by lawyer Giacomo Aiello. The manager would have been the victim of "repeated behaviors and measures put in place for retaliate and persecutory purposes aimed at humiliating, harassing, marginalizing and penalizing the manager". Since March 2015, the manager has been the subject of thirteen disputes. The woman claimed to have been "mobbed" and punished with the suspension from the service for disciplinary reasons with simultaneous suspension of the salary. A provision considered illegitimate already by the Labor Court of Palermo, which condemned the Municipality to reinstate the Picciurro and to pay her the 93 thousand euros of unpaid salaries. .

Zingaretti attacks government on the mafia

CASTELVETRANO (TRAPANI), APRIL 24 – Speaking to the electoral meeting in Castelvetrano (Tp) for the secretary of the Pd Nicola Zingaretti "the history of Italy is a different story" compared to what happened "in this year of government" in the course of which "apart from the selfies, the smiles, the controversies, the jokes, the despicable use of power, let me tell you, too often there has been a disturbing use of proximity with i mafia powers proclaimed too casually ". "Castelvetrano with the commissioner for the mafia fell into knee but we want to raise it "he underlined Zingaretti, concluding the meeting in Castelvetrano, a well-known municipality to have given birth to the super fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro and loose mafia infiltrations. "The mafia is not an octopus unbeatable ", added the secretary of the Pd.