Month: April 2019

Terme Vigliatore, arrested official

TERME VIGLIATORE (MESSINA), 30 APR – With the charge of abuse of office, ideological and material falsehood and abusiveness construction aggravated the carabinieri arrested in Terme Vigliatore (Me) Vincenzo Torre responsible for the technical office of the Municipality. He is under house arrest. Two more people the owner of a construction company and the construction manager, are been reported for the same offenses. The military performed the preventive seizure of a building complex that is covers an area of ​​1,500 square meters, for a value estimated at three million euros. According to the military Torre has allowed the other two suspects to build in the absence of relative permit in area subject to historical constraints, artistic, archaeological, landscape and environmental. The technician would have released to the owner of the construction company and to the construction manager amnesty building permit illegitimate and deprived of the "nulla osta" of the superintendency of the environmental and cultural assets of Messina and the Civil Engineering Department.

May 1: Blutec workers in front of the gates

PALERMO, 30 APR – For the eighth consecutive year it is a May 1st with no party for the Blutec workers, which tomorrow they will meet in front of the gates of the Termini factory Imerese (PA) right in the day symbol of work for to revive, once again, the need to find one solution to the long-standing dispute. The event, organized by Fim Fiom and Uilm, will be held in the avenue that up to seven years ago bore the name of the lawyer Gianni Agnelli, but since 2013 entitled to 'May 1st'. The meeting will begin at 9.30 am and yes will conclude with the intervention of Michele De Palma, secretary national of the Fiom.

Try killing wife with 55 stab wounds, then try suicide

He tried to kill his wife by striking her with 55 stab wounds in various parts of the body including the abdomen, lungs and neck and even damaged her jugular. Then believing the dead spouse Guglielmo Norrito, 44 ​​years old, unemployed, called his sister and threw himself from an overpass of a height of about 10 meters, breaking his lower limbs. It happened this morning at dawn in Mazara del Vallo (Tp). The police stopped him on charges of attempted murder. The woman was urgently transferred to the Palermo civic hospital, where she will undergo surgery in an attempt to rebuild the severely injured jugular. Norrito was transported to the civil hospital of Mazara del Vallo for reported fractures.

La Torre anniversary: ​​the commemoration in Palermo

PALERMO, 30 APR – The 37-year-old ambush by Pio La Torre ago, gave a strong impulse to change in Sicily. "Yes he carried the image of the land of the Mafia, became territory of anti-mafia and peace, "said the regional secretary of the Pd, Davide Faraone, during the commemoration of the exponent of Pci in the place where April 30, 1982 was killed with his collaborator Rosario Di Salvo.
Faraone recalled the two great initiatives promoted by La Torre: the antimafia law that, after his death, came approved in the text shared with the then Minister Virginio Rognoni and the battle against the installation of missiles a Comiso. With the antimafia law it was introduced in the code criminal the crime of mafia association and were provided for patrimonial measures against the bosses. When La Torre he was killed was also engaged in an initiative against the missiles from Comiso: he had collected a million signatures and had organized a great event. Also this commitment of The Tower was remembered by Faraone as a mobilization for peace in the Mediterranean shaken even then by winds of war.
The mayor Leoluca Orlando has retraced the traces of the connections between the ambush in La Torre and the killings of Piersanti Mattarella and Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa. Single, according to Orlando, their project: "to fight the mafia inside the institutions ". In via Limuli, where the secretary Sicilian of the PCI was assassinated, there were leaders of the police forces, representatives of the Democratic Party, representatives of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, members of the junta regional, trade unionists. .

La Torre Anniversary crime: Zingaretti, fighting the Mafia

PALERMO, APRIL 30 – "Remembering Pio La Torre means re-launch and put the struggle back on the political agenda to the mafias and work together, united, for economic growth, moral and civilian of our country ". Nicola Zingaretti writes, president of the Lazio Region and secretary of the Democratic Party in a message sent to the Pio La Torre Center on the occasion of demonstration in memory of the 37th anniversary of the killing of Pio La Torre and Rosario Di Salvo, promoted by the Pio Study Center The Tower in agreement with the Federico II Foundation and in course of held at the Cortile Maqueda of Palazzo dei Normanni a Palermo.
"Today – continues Zingaretti – it is essential to unite and mobilize against the mafia to give, each according to own role, an active contribution to a fundamental battle for the future of our country. Thirty-seven years have passed since the killing of La Torre. After so long his battles they are as current as ever. I am thinking in particular of an aspect that I consider it crucial and that it has also guided in these years many of my choices as an administrator: the strong idea and, for those times, really innovative, that the ground on which to fight mafia is not only that of the repression of phenomena criminals, and therefore the duty to support the activities of Police forces and the judiciary, but also what concerns the need for incisive action in the social fabric, promoting equality, people's freedom, theirs democratic participation, opportunities for sharing and community meeting ".

Story of Ilenia, leaves Arma of the carabinieri and becomes a nun

Leave the Carabinieri Corps to become a nun. The decision took her after a trip to Medjugorje, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a place of Catholic pilgrimage following "an apparent apparition of the Virgin Mary" in 1981. Now she looks forward to a new future made of faith and religion for a young native of Frusinate, who until now has served in Caltanissetta. Ilenia Siciliani, 26, will join the missionaries of Divine Revelation. It will start from a vocational journey to arrive, in two or three years, at religious consecration. Athlete, marathon runner, lover of two wheels, alone made a trip to Sicily to visit the most beautiful churches. Then the trip to Medjugorje, in August, where he met some sisters with whom he remained in contact, maturing the idea of ​​entering the order. Since then, Ilenia has remained firm in its position.

La Torre: Mattarella, exemplary commitment

"On the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the ferocious murder of Pio La Torre and Rosario Di Salvo, I would like to recall the exemplary civil commitment in favor of freedom and democracy". The president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, writes this in a message sent to the Pio La Torre Center during the demonstration in memory of the Sicilian politician and trade unionist, which will be held this morning at the Cortile Maqueda of Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo. "Today's event – writes Mattarella – constitutes a further, valuable, opportunity to keep their testimony alive, and that of all the mafia victims, encouraging the rooting of the culture of legality, especially in the new generations". "In this perspective, the anti-mafia educational project, promoted by the La Torre Center, takes on a special value – which continues to contribute to sensitizing Italian students on the perception of the Mafia phenomenon – offers a significant contribution".

Mafia: 26 CC arrested in the Catania area

CATANIA, 30 APR – Carabinieri of Catania have executed an order of custody in prison in the comparisons of 26 presumed members of the 'Tuppi' clan, group linked to the Mazzei, historical group of Cosa nostra. The crimes hypothesized, for various reasons, are mafia association, murder, extortion in competition, theft, receiving, recycling, port of weapon, fraudulent transfer of values ​​and corruption. I'm assets were seized for 1.5 million euros. The operation, called '7 hours', has shed light on one of the murders by lead back to the Mafia war between the 'Tuppi' and the cosca Pulvirenti in the 80s and 90s: the city councilor of Misterbianco, Paolo Arena, leading exponent of the DC, murdered September 28, 1991. In the Mafia feud it was also involved Orazio Pino, the former rival boss of the 'Mappassotu' then repented, killed last week in Chiavari. A press conference on the investigation will be held at 10.30 am in the hall meetings of the Catania Public Prosecutor. .

Art: Ursò's three-dimensional paintings

PALERMO, APRIL 29 – His paintings use a technique he invented pictorial that he baptized as "relief".
Use various shades of color to portray views and especially Sicilian landscapes. This is the common thread of production by Salvatore Urso, 54, aka Ursò, who exhibits, until May 6, his paintings in an exhibition in the museum complex a Ciminna (Pa) corso Umberto I.
The artist with a personal technique, dries the color, it detaches it to then reassemble it in mosaic in his paintings conferring three-dimensional to his works creating transparencies, glazes, through interweaving of lines. He writes about his paintings Caterina De Luca: "the forms are fluctuating they run on the surface pictorial, punctuating it with vibrant colors. These works they reveal a thoughtful search, which states the meaning on the canvas of a liberating path, involving the observer in the passionate exploration of a cosmos ".

Balata: "Chaos Palermo? Pain for all"

MILAN, APRIL 29 – "I learned this morning of Palermo referral, I didn't have time to go deeper.
Certainly, however, there is pain for a city, a people, a territory and a fan base so important " president of the League of B, Mauro Balata, commenting on the Palermo's referral by the Public Prosecutor's Office for "management irregularities". "The timing of the decision of the Federal League does not decide our League, we will see from tomorrow when we look into the subject – continued Balata -.
I think such a beautiful city, such an important fan base and an asset among the main players in Italian football must aspire to have the best properties and the best men for continue to express themselves to the fullest, "the president concluded of the League of B.