Month: February 2019

The kidnapped child was found with his mother

The three-year-old Ivorian child, who had been kidnapped by two men yesterday evening, from a community in Palermo was found by police with his mother at the bus station. The two were about to leave the Sicilian capital. The investigations were started immediately after the report of disappearance of the minor presented by the operators of the structure and ended in 24 hours. The mother and the son were in two different family houses according to a decision of the magistracy.

3-year-old child kidnapped by a community

PALERMO, 28 FEB – Two men, last night, after having threatened the staff of a community housing for minors in the the historic center of Palermo took away an Ivorian child of 3 years. The baby did not cry and followed the two people. There 17-year-old mother of the child was in another center e she has also disappeared since yesterday. The police started investigations.
Separating the mother from the small child is a choice that it is generally adopted as social workers in the the course of the checks ascertain conditions of extreme discomfort e a parental incapacity in the management of the child. from communities say they can not say anything because they are there ongoing investigations. Episodes of family reunification '' a force '' are not rare but in this case the child was not taken by his mother but by two men who perhaps, however, knew.

Annuities, in Sicily, shopping rooms

Sale of the annuities in Sicily for former deputies rises. In January, the Assembly released "checks" for 1 million 506.518,45 euros, while in August the expenditure had been 1 million 500,720.53 euros. The increase in "direct annuities" (+11,363.1 euro) and "direct pensions with the pro-rata system" (+6,371.76 euro).

The Rally Italia Talent arrives in Sicily

ROME, FEBRUARY 28 – Aci Rally Italia Talent license plate Suzuki arrives in Sicily for the penultimate selection.
Appointment in the weekend on the historic Autodromo di Pergusa: there will be over 400 members, including 20 appearances in pink and 19 Under 18 who will battle to conquer the semifinals. The format continues to get great support conceived in 2014 by Renzo Magnani, while the slogan #rallywithstanding the accessions to the selection in Sicily have once again confirmed the great passion of the Sicilians for motor sport. The 7 reliable and performing Suzuki Swift Sport, Toyo tires, are destined to obtain as with previous selections, more and more comments enthusiastic ''. The prestigious is also of great interest partnership with Generali Italia, while remaining on track the Aci of the president Angelo Sticchi Damiani. Next and last selection in Piedmont on the Busca International Circuit, with registrations still open with the website

Create dump on sidewalk, fined

In Catania he called the Dusty, the company that deals with the collection, saying that he had a cumbersome refusal to be collected in Via Nicola Fabrizi, but the operators have instead found a small landfill and warned the municipal police, who fined the user. The pavement was in fact flooded with eight mattresses, six chairs, a disassembled wardrobe, two bedside tables, cushions, clothes, two old 32-inch televisions, kitchen cupboards, a fan, a toilet, glasses and mirrors.
To remove that Dusty called "a move" the company took just over 40 minutes using a two-team crew.

Dead Augusta, mother Agostino agent

ROME, FEBRUARY 28 – Augusta Agostino died, mother of the agent Nino Agostino, killed together with his wife in Sicily almost 30 years ago. The woman has always fought for it made clear on the murder of the son and daughter in law, who he was waiting for a child. Condolence was expressed by the president of the parliamentary anti-mafia antimafia commission Nicola Morra.
"A crime that has not yet had a truth and represents one dark page of our Republic. A murder full of false leads. Augusta and Vincenzo Nino's parents represent the true Antimafia, that of the search for truth. tireless not only in wanting to shed light on the death of the child but also in the witness the willingness not to surrender and educate to Legality young people ", commented Morra Augusta Agostino's family came from the M5S components of the Antimafia Commission, by the senator of LeU Pietro Grasso, from the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando and from the president of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci.

Five kg of drugs, arrested in Palermo

PALERMO, 28 FEB – The State Police arrested a twenty-eight-year-old census of Palermo, Carlo Davì, found in holding almost 5 kilos of drugs. The young man has been blocked by the police officers of the Anti-Drug Section of the Moving Squad after numerous checks in Viale Sicilian Region. Just beyond the junction of viale Michelangelo, the agents searched Davì's car, resident in the Cruillas neighborhood, finding a bin with a pound of marijuana. At the young man's home they were found 3 pounds and 800 grams of hashish and 258 grams of cocaine.

Mafia: Confiscate assets to Nice bosses

CATANIA, 28 FEB – Management staff investigative antimafia (Dia) of Catania, direct from the first State police officer Renato Panvino, is performing a confiscation order against Daniele Nizza, 42 years, a leading exponent of the homonymous clan. The provision is been issued by the Prevention Measures Section of the Court of Catania on the proposal of the local District Directorate antimafia (Dda), directed by the prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro. .

Palermo: Mirri has debts for 47 million

PALERMO, 27 FEB – "We have great difficulty received almost all the accounting documentation of Palermo.
The revenue agency certificates are still missing and the Durc, but hopefully they will arrive soon, because they certify the regularity of the company. However, I can say that the debts of Palermo amount to about 47 million ", he said Dario Mirri, the Palermo entrepreneur who, buying the management of advertising space on signage for next four years, paying 2.8 million in advance, has entered the necessary capital in Palermo to pay the salaries November and December, avoiding the risk of the penalization for the rosanero club. Mirri had announced that was awaiting the accounting documentation of Palermo that i It was delivered Monday evening.

Renzi, primary Pd? No agreements with M5s

PALERMO, 27 FEB – "Win the best: they said all who will not make arrangements with the M5s and will not be back to the past, to the PDS. "So former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in Palermo.
"I claim to have said no to the M5s that would have destroyed the Democratic Party and would have a bipolarism of scoundrels e incompetent, with the M5s leader of the left ", added Renzi is in the Feltrinelli bookshop to present his book.
In front of the library there is a police deployment, Carabinieri and traffic police. A few minutes of tension is it lived when a man began to argue with i Renzi sympathizers stayed out of the bookstore talking about "disasters" of the former premier when he was in government.