Month: January 2019

Migrants: Salvini, via transfers from Cara Mineo

ROME, Jan. 31 – Away to the transfer of migrants hosted in the Cara di Mineo: the departure of the first 50 is scheduled for 7 February, while within the end of the month will leave the structure another hundred. This was announced by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini reiterating his desire to close the Center in the province of Catania by the end of 2019. From the transfers, families with children and vulnerable people will be excluded at the moment, which largely coincide with those who they are humanitarian protection holders. Currently, 1,186 asylum seekers, 15 international protection holders, 94 humanitarian permit holders and 8 asylum seekers for whom the Dublin procedure has been activated are housed in the center. The redistribution, informs the Viminale, will be scheduled from month to month and provides for the inclusion in the Siproimi (the former Sprar system) of the 15 holders of international protection and the transfer of others in all the provinces of Sicily. In February, departures are scheduled for 7, 17 and 27.

Theater: the fishermen of stars at Libero between myth and fantasy

A poetic tale that "tells the great myths of antiquity, the history of a distant time, in which there was a certain confusion in the universe, when Jupiter was the god of heaven and Neptune the god of the sea". This is the theme of the show produced by the Teatro del Buratto of Milano Pescatori di stelle, written and directed by Renata Coluccini and starring Dario De Falco and Cristina Liparoto. The scenes are by Marco Muzzulon and the costumes by Mirella Salvischiani.
Will be staged Sunday, February 3 at 17, for the billboard Theater Island, at the Teatro Libero in Palermo. "The show – explains Coluccini – through the voice of the two funny protagonists: narrates the great myths of antiquity, the history of a distant time.When sometimes imagines making the imagination work, the stars fell into the sea to become starfish and the sailors who tried to get their bearings were lost, so there were the fisherwoman and the star fisherman, to catch the stars and put them back ".

Cinema: & # 039; Bicycle Thieves & # 039; restored

PALERMO, 31 JAN – Waiting for the new calendar of the season, the Lumpen association projects February 1 to Cimema De Seta, at the Cantieri culturale alla Zisa di Palermo, "Bicycle thieves, in the version restored by the film library from Bologna. Unanimously considered one of the most beautiful films of all time, directed in 1948 by Vittorio De Sica who had behind another masterpiece like "Sciuscià", the film belongs to an unrepeatable season of Italian cinema, represented by masters such as Rossellini, Visconti, De Santis, Castellani, Monicelli.
With this film Vittorio De Sica will become, together with his friend Rossellini, the symbol of Neorealism. Memorable "rebuke" by Orson Welles to the great critic André Bazin et al his young disciples of the "Cahier du cinema", guilty of exalt Rossellini (considered by him an amateur of talent) and not to give the right value to De Sica, who with 'Sciuscià' has made the biggest film in the history of de cinema".

Servillo on stage in Caltanissetta with the craft of the theater

PALERMO, 31 JAN – The profession of theater and theater is revealed on stage as it happens few times.
Friday 1 February will be a special day at the Regina Margherita Theater in Caltanissetta, with two events of the season signed by Aldo Rapè, starring the Teatri Uniti di Napoli, the company founded by Mario Martone, Toni Servillo and the late Antonio Neiwiller, born in 1987 from the union of False Movement, Theater of Changes and Theater Studio of Caserta, three formations that since the late seventies had deeply characterized the theater scene, with several productions acclaimed in Europe and the United States. The evening of the Regina Margherita Theater will begin at 7 pm with the screening (with free admission) of the documentary "The Theater at Work" by Massimiliano Pacifico, presented at the last Venice Film Festival. The documentary, produced by Teatri Uniti di Napoli in collaboration with Rai Cinema and Kio Film, is a pedagogical work on the profession of the actor struggling with the human and artistic adventure of the creation of "Elvira", the show co-produced by Piccolo Teatro di Milan and Teatri Uniti – directed and performed by Toni Servillo.
The vision of the documentary deepens then the work of the company of Toni Servillo that at 21.15 will bring on stage "New Magic People Show", a hilarious and tragic theatrical novel of Italy sick in recent years, inspired by the bitter and mocking work of Joseph Montesano. Four actors (Enrico Ianniello, Tony Laudadio, Andrea Renzi and Luciano Saltarelli, who also sign the direction) will be engaged in an exhilarating comedy that recalls Aristophanes, Eduardo De Filippo and Woody Allen, the Soprano and the Commedia dell'Arte, Quevedo and the Avanspettacolo, Totò and Godot, and which draws from the very roots of Neapolitan popular theater. .

Nous Quartet in Palermo for season Friends of Music

PALERMO, 31 JAN – After the great success for the inauguration of the 2019 billboard, the season of the Sicilian Friends of Music Association continues, with the artistic direction of Donatella Sollima. On Monday 4 February, at 5.15 pm, the Noûs Quartet will perform in Palermo on the stage of the Politeama Garibaldi. The Quartet, composed by Tiziano Baviera and Alberto Franchin on violin, Sara Dambruoso on viola and Tommaso Tesini on cello, will perform a program that ranges from Fauré to Debussy and Ravel.
The Noûs Quartet was formed in 2011, quickly establishing itself as one of the most interesting musical reality of its generation. He attended the "Walter Stauffer" Academy in Cremona, the Musik Akademie in Basel, studying with Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartett), the Escuela Superior de Música "Reina Sofia" in Madrid, the Chigiana Music Academy of Siena with Günter Pichler (Alban Berg Quartett) and the Musikhochschule of Lübeck with Heime Müller (Artemis Quartett). In 2014 he was selected for the project "Le Dimore del Quartetto", thanks to which he won a scholarship for the year 2015. In the same year he was also recognized as an important scholarship offered by the Fundatión Albeniz in Madrid . He has won numerous prizes, such as "Piero Farulli" in 2015, assigned to the best emerging chamber music ensemble in the current year, as part of the XXXIV "Franco Abbiati" Award, the most prestigious recognition of Italian music critics; the "Arthur Rubinstein – A Life in Music" award from the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, for having revealed one of the most promising formations of Italian chamber music.

Univpm, Dna exam, shipwrecked migrants

ANCONA, 31 JAN – The involvement continues of the Marche Polytechnic University in the mission Humanitarian promoted in 2016 by Crui (Conference of Rectors of the Italian Universities) which led to the detection of personal items and in the autopsy of the shipwrecked people on the 18th April 2015 in the Mediterranean. Now the request for collaboration aims for DNA examination operations on 55 bodies. There participation of Politecnica doctors, with the contribution of the Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona, was held in two weeks, with two teams of legal doctors coordinated by prof.
Adriano Tagliabracci, director of the Department of Excellence Biomedical Sciences and Univpm Public Health, which they examined the human remains of some eighty people. Thanks to this activities you have managed to know the story of the child of the Mali with the report card written in Arabic and French, stitched inside the jacket. "It is our duty to continue to work together to the project also in this second phase "says the rector Sauro Longhi.

Football: Palermo, Foschi fired

PALERMO, 31 JAN – The president of Palermo, Clive Richardson, announces – with a message sent to the editor of – ​​that the managing director rosanero Emanuele Facile has decided to dismiss the manager of the Rino Foschi technical area. Richardson, moreover, has renounced the office of president of Palermo.
"Foschi was fired by Emanuele Facile – reads in the note – Sport Capital Group has other plans acquisitions and I have to concentrate on them. Emanuele Facile wants to manage Palermo and make decisions, so it was easy for me to put myself aside and focus on our plans operating in Spain and England ".

Sea Watch in Catania, migrants in celebration

CATANIA, 31 JAN – The Sea Watch has docked in the east pier. As soon as the maneuvers are over the migrants on board have celebrated their arrival in Catania embracing each other and embracing also the crew members of the ship of the German NGO flying the Dutch flag. On board there are 47 rescued migrants in the Mediterranean sea, including 15 unaccompanied minors. During her voyage from Syracuse, where she was at anchor, the ship was escorted by patrol boats from the coast guard and the security guard. They look at the pier, the promised land and the impressive reception system put in place by the prefecture of Catania for their assistance. They're happy,
but also the 47 migrants on board the Sea Watch are curious. From the ship, moored under a shining winter sun in the pier of Lavante and lashed by the strong wind, they take photos and make videos with their mobile phones. Out of curiosity and to celebrate the end of their odyssey at sea: the procedures for their landing have been started. Some of them wear the Italian Red Cross shirt. On the other side of the very someone has exposed a banner with the inscription:
"Stop the attack on refugees", stop attacks on refugees.

Theater: & # 039; Sorelle Mattresses & # 039; to Biondo

PALERMO, 31 JAN – "Sorelle Materassi", a masterpiece of Aldo Palazzeschi, made his debut on February 1st at Biondo di Palermo (replies until 10). Geppy Gleijeses uses the adaptation written for the occasion by Ugo Chiti e of the interpretation of Lucia Poli, Milena Vukotic and Marilù Prati. Set in the early twentieth century in the suburb of Florence Coverciano, tells the story of four women who live a quiet and isolated life. Three of them – Teresa, Carolina e Giselda – they are sisters: the first two are unmarried, the third rejected by her husband. A dose of optimism and serene wisdom It is introduced by the faithful maid Niobe, who ages together to the owners. Everything seems to flow on quiet tracks when Remo, the young son of a fourth sister, arrives in the house died in Ancona.
Futurist in 1910, pacifist in '14, touched from the avant-garde experience in the 20s, Palazzeschi lo we find again in the experimental revival of the avant – gardes of the 60s, cult object of the group '63 and Alberto Arbasino.

Gsf confiscates 170 mln to entrepreneur

ROME, January 31 – Military of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Rome are executing a decree of confiscation of company compendiums, real estate, vehicles and relationships financial assets, for a total value of over 170 million.
The addressee of the provision is Pietro Tindaro Mollica, known entrepreneur of Sicilian origins active in the field of public works contracts, arrested by the Fiamme Yellow, in March 2015, for fraudulent bankruptcy, extortion and fictitious heading of assets.
The confiscation decree was issued by the Section Specialized Prevention Measures of the Court confirmed from the Capitoline Court of Appeal and become final, from last, after the ruling of the Court of Cassation.
Among the confiscated properties stands out a prestigious apartment in the Parioli district, in Rome, finely furnished and overlooking on the park of Villa Ada.