Month: November 2018

Sailing ship with hashish tons in Trapani

PALERMO, 30 NOV – In the port of Trapani took place a major anti-drug operation conducted by the Finance. The Flames Yellow have seized a ship with a large amount of drugs. On board there would be two Spaniards and a Colombian who they are held by the investigators. Yellow flames have downloaded the amazing: there would be about five on the boat tons of hashish.

Awards: to Davide Enia uperMondello and Mondello Giovani

Davide Enia, actor and writer, is the winner of the SuperMondello and Mondello Giovani 2018 awards. The two awards went to his "Notes for a shipwreck" published by Sellerio. The book was taken from the theatrical representation "Abisso", which in these days was staged in Palermo, interpreted by Enia himself.
The award ceremony took place at the Sicilian Society for Homeland History, as part of the XLIV edition of the Mondello international literary prize promoted by the Sicily Foundation. For the "Italian opera" section with Enia, Michele Mari has been selected and awarded with "Legenda privata" (Einaudi), Laura Pariani with "Di ferro e d'acciaio" (NNE). To Alberto Casadei with "Literature Biology" (the Assayer) went the prize for the critical Mondello section. The four authors were nominated by the selection committee chaired by Giovanni Puglisi.

Airports: Musumeci, the only management for Trapani and Palermo

"It is necessary to create a single company that manages the airports of Punta Raisi and Birgi". This was stated by the President of the Region Nello Musumeci, this morning visiting the Trapani airport. "We are here in Trapani, just 100 kilometers from an international airport, and we know that the big one eats the little one: the Trapani airport to be competitive must enter the system of a bigger airport", he added. Musumeci hopes "one system, one functional one". It is to do this "Trapani can no longer only focus on passengers, the airport must also become attractive for freight transport". Musumeci, then, without ever mentioning Ryanair, added that Birgi "can not remain hostage of only one company".

The snails of Ciro da Burgio at the market

(by Massimo D'Antoni) BURGIO (AGRIGENTO), 30 NOV – "The next objective? Sell ​​the burr of my snails that is used in cosmetics and medicine. "Ciro Miceli, 40, born in Sciacca (Ag), pointing to his wooden boxes arranged in the plot of land in Burgio where he breeds snails from gastronomy. Since 2013 manages the Miceli's Snail, company that is managed to create a niche market, becoming a symbol of excellence production and reference point of restaurateurs and consumers looking for dishes related to tradition.
A breeding of "crastoni", so they are called in Sicily these lumaconi, of one hectare can succeed in producing a turnover of at least 50 thousand euros a year. The company of Ciro al moment operates on 5000 square meters has a turnover of 25 thousand euro and its snails are sold to the public at 10 euros a kg. Miceli has also decided to capitalize on his degree in agrarian, and works for an important company in the name of which takes care of the fate of dozens of farms all over Sicily West. It is another example of young people who have decided to bet on his own land after he has been a part for years of the precarious army of the school world. Five years ago Ciro decided to give up the transfer lottery.
His last teaching location was Bolzano. However, loneliness and need to learn German, were the drops that overflowed the vase of his patience. From here the choice to return to Sicily, focusing on an investment innovative. To suggest the idea was the knowledge of the National Institute of Helicopters of Cherasco (CN), point reference for those involved in snail breeding.
And today the snails of Miceli are sought and appreciated a gastronomic level. It breeds two varieties: Helix aspersa and Helix aspersa maxima: the first weigh about 10 grams the second one twenty. And now the attempt is to exploit for purposes cheap the burr, which at the moment has not yet exploited.
The entrepreneur has already been contacted by a couple of companies cosmetics. The snail slime, in fact, is particularly suitable for the production of moisturizers. It is from here that Ciro Miceli wants to start again to widen the range of action of the his company. And he is happy that, with his experience, both managed to prove that it is possible to become an entrepreneur Sicily ..

Peace made between mayors on & # 039; sfoglio & # 039;

PALERMO, 30 NOV – It closes with a toast among the mayors the war of fancy, sweet of ancient tradition siciliana: a cake filled with tuma cheese, chocolate, cinnamon and sugar. There is around the paternity of the recipe was a clash between two Madonie countries: Polizzi Generosa, which claims the fancy as its own confectionery identity, and Petralia Soprana, just chosen as "village of the villages", which a he had promoted one with the same name. The controversy had reached the point that the mayor of Polizzi had threatened to drag Petralia's rivals to court accused of unfair competition and "theft of the community polizzana. "To throw water on the fire was the mayor of Petralia Soprana, Pietro Macaluso, who had chosen a diplomatic way: "Polizzi's flip is different wants to take possession of an identity that does not belong to us " Park has organized a meeting between the mayors and during the course of the sitting has pulled out sparkling wine and flipping.

Etna excursions, 5 arrests in the Catanese area

CATANIA, 30 NOV – The Guardia di Finanza has set up under house arrest five people under an investigation by the Catania Public Prosecutor's Office on "management monopolistic excursions on Mount Etna " entrepreneur Francesco Augusto Russo Morosoli, aged 41, e the manager of the technical area of ​​the Municipality of Linguaglossa, Francesco Barone, 65, investigated for troubled freedom of the charms and corruption. The investigation concerns the tender for "the assignment of the transport service for tourism purposes on the North side of the Etna, with Piano Provenzana rotary track, from 2016 to 2018 "and for" the assignment in concession of a property of the Municipality in Monte Conca in 2018. "Morosoli is also investigated for "extortion to employees of the issuer Ultima Tv ", of which he is editor, and for tax evasion also the mayor of Bronte Graziano Calanna, 47, for instigation of corruption for the maintenance tender municipal water supply and energy exploitation electric produced.

Drug: Sicily-Calabria traffic, arrests

PALERMO, 30 NOV. – A vast anti-drug operation by the state police is under way. Fourteen precautionary measures issued by the investigating judge of Palermo carried out by the agents of the mobile team of the chief town and by colleagues of the police headquarters of Agrigento, Reggio Calabria and Syracuse. The survey, coordinated by the DDA of Palermo, shed light on a cocaine traffic that bought in Calabria, through pusher was also sorted in the province of Agrigento, arriving at the island of Lampedusa. The policemen have ascertained that the sale of drugs in the various provinces was guaranteed by a group of couriers, of merchants, itinerant traders, pusher de facto who, for their official trade, reached the local markets without arousing suspicion. The criminal character of the association, which also treated hashish and marijuana, is proven by a complex division of roles between the members: only some were delegated the communication with the referents of the individual provinces of destination of the goods.

He massacred Nigerian in Bagheria, convicted

PALERMO, 29 NOV – The judge of the court of Termini Imerese has condemned Giuseppe D'Amore to a year and eight months of imprisonment for the aggression of the Nigerian Fredrick Omonzokpia, in Bagheria last August 31st. Love during a fight he hit with a head kick Omonzokpia. The investigating magistrate Stefania Galli considered subsistent the aggravating circumstance of racial hatred. "This ruling – he said the lawyer Bonaventura Zizzo who defended the young Nigerian -, confirms the existence of the aggravating circumstance of racial hatred, evidently, also shared by the Procura of the Republic, which in fact during the investigations requested the precautionary measure. "At Omonzokpia, which formed a part a provisional amount of 5,000 euros has been recognized.

Upright: Broad bean, emerges & # 039; & # 039; Lumia system & # 039; & # 039;

PALERMO, 29 NOV – '' From the auditions carried out and also today from the words of President Musumeci it would seem to emerge, more than a 'Upright system', a 'Lumia system', in which the first was the guarantor of particular and specific interests of the world entrepreneurial, but it was the second to be in the center of the parallel system of government of the Region. And obviously still a picture that is emerging and not already a certainty.
One more reason to continue the work of the Commission ''.
The president of the regional anti-mafia commission says so, Claudio Fava, who today listened to the president of the Region siciliana, Nello Musumeci, as part of the hearings for the cognitive survey on the so-called entrepreneur system Antonello Montante arrested for corruption and investigated together with members of law enforcement agencies, secret services and politicians.

Mafia: asked 30 years for the Lo Piccolo

PALERMO, 29 NOV – Palermo's Amda DDA pm Luise has requested the sentence of 30 years each of the mafia bosses San Lorenzo, Salvatore and Sandro Lo Piccolo, and the boss of Brancaccio Andrea Adamo, accused of having been the principals of the murder of Lino Spatola, killed in September 2006.
Spatula was murdered because he was suspected of having allied with the boss Nino Roll against the Lo Piccolo. Roll had planned to eliminate the godfathers of San Lorenzo who wanted authorize the return to Sicily of the mafiosi who escaped to America after the second mafia war. The collaborator of justice Antonino Pipitone said he had accompanied the victim in a car in Giardinello, in Palermo, for a lunch which had then turned out to be a deadly trap. Spoonbill had brought a bottle of whiskey and rabbit cooked by wife. He was strangled, buried and burned. Few months first the command sent by Lo Piccolo for an error of person had killed a pensioner instead of Spatula.