Month: October 2018

Bad weather: tomorrow orange alert

PALERMO, 31 OCT – The Regional Civil Protection has issued an Orange Weather alert bulletin for the whole Region for tomorrow. The medium-high level is indicated for both the hydrogeological risk and the water risk. This was announced by the Municipality of Palermo.

Violence against minors, arrested teacher

PALERMO, 31 OCT – State police arrested a 64-year-old American just sentenced to 4 years in prison and a fine of 18 thousand euros for production of material pornographic with the use of minors. The agents performed an order of the investigating judge: the man is held responsible for further and more serious crimes against the young people themselves victims, compared to those subject to the sentence. The man, who he had been living in Palermo for many years, giving English lessons privately and, for a short time, also in some schools public; moreover he had been a volunteer for several years pediatric ward of a city hospital. The agents of the section "sexual offenses and to the detriment of minors" have ascertained who had a website, where he talked about the sexuality of the gods minor; at home some hard drives were seized with him movies produced by him and with children protagonists. The victims they have aggravated the position of man, who is accused of sexual violence to the detriment of minors and sexual acts with minors.

Incendia bar Gela, taken by cameras

GELA (CALTANISSETTA), 31 OCT – Identified and arrested, on the order of the Gip of Gela, the alleged author of the attempted fire on the night of October 20 against the bar-pastry "Lory", just 24 hours from the stakes that shave on the ground the "Belvedere" bar and the "B-cool beach" beach. Giovanni Botta, 37, graduated in law, but would be a food merchant for bars, restaurants and pizzerias. The incendiary attack, thwarted by the intervention of a night watchman, would have as its motive the intimidation to impose on the victims the purchase of its products. The man was taken over by video surveillance systems in the area. Even if his face was covered, he would have been identified by the police who seized a white coverall similar to the one used by the attacker in his home. The prosecutor Fernando Asaro has invited citizens to collaborate with the judiciary and law enforcement officers denouncing the arson attacks that for the quaestor of Caltanissetta, Giovanni Signer, "are acts of cowardice".

Upright: Luparello new Gup hearing

CALTANISSETTA, 31 OCT – Graziella Luparello is the Gup who chairs the preliminary hearing for the request for indictment by the Procura di Caltanissetta for the so-called 'Upright method'. The President of the Court, Davide Marraffa, has accepted the request for rejection of the GUP Davide Salvucci presented by the lawyer Marco Giunta, legal of the entrepreneurs Andrea and Salvatore Calì, because "in the context of investigations authorized the extension of an interception of one of the defendants. "The hearing is underway with the screening of others exceptions. The terms of precautionary custody for Montante expire November 14: if by that date the hearing will not be concluded the former president of Confindustria Sicilia, accused of being the head of a criminal association aimed at the corruption, will be released ..

Rogo in front of university canteen Palermo

PALERMO, 31 OCT – A fire broke out last year night out of the table of the retired Roman Saints in Viale of Sciences in Palermo. The stake started from a pile of trash and cartons that stood out of the structure. The flames came to the second floor. Many students that yes found in the rooms took to the streets. Nobody remained intoxicated. Firefighters intervened, with two teams, and the police. Only a few hours ago it had been there the inauguration of the new cafeteria rooms. The stake was tamed.

10 kg marijuana at home, arrested

RAVANUSA (AGRIGENTO), 31 OCT – Carabinieri of the Ravanusa station have arrested a 29-year-old house painter that at home he cultivated about twenty plants of Indian hemp and it had over two hundred pounds of already dried marijuana. The shrubs they were hidden in a closet, probably to favor the maturation process. The total weight of the substance amazing kidnapped is 10 kilos, for an al value detail estimated by the military of the weapon in some thousands of EUR. The man was placed under house arrest.

Oil debts and counterfeiting, arrests

TRAPANI, 31 OCT – Military of the finance guard of Castelvetrano have placed under house arrest two Partanna olive producers investigated for bankruptcy fraudulent, for overdue debts of over 3 million euros, executing an order of the investigating judge of Sciacca issued on request of the Procura. According to the accusation, the two would have "distracted the active assets of the company sent in bankruptcy for the benefit of two other companies: an existing agricultural company and to them letterhead and a new one, constituted ad hoc, registered to one names. "Investigators believe they have found" the distraction of inventory inventories for a value of approx half a million euros. "The military identified them analyzing the codes reported on some lots seized in national context in the course of a parallel investigation its one alleged "commercial fraud that involved both the company failed that the new company, deriving from the ascertained sale of oil 'Nocellara del Belice dop' counterfeit and adulterated ".

Stripped band & # 039 ;, 5 stops

RAGUSA, 31 OCT – They stole old and sturdy cars with obsolete security systems and used them as 'ram' for break through the glass fixtures or the shutters of shops from rob. It is the 'split' technique used by one band vanquished by the Police of Ragusa who arrested five people running a precautionary custody order in prison.
The mobile team of Ragusa and the police station of Vittoria challenges the group to 32 crimes, including split, car theft and robberies. The band managed to perform even eight in one night, often to grab a few pennies in front of huge damage to commercial facilities, up to 20,000 euros only to restore the fixtures. The operational base was Victory and some of the thefts of the thefts were found to the house arrest and left the house to consume others offenses. Another eight people were arrested in May.

Serie B: Pescara in the lead alone

ROME, 30 OCT – Results of the tithing meetings Serie B championship day: Ascoli-Verona 1-0; Carpi-Palermo 0-3; Cittadella-Foggia 1-1; Cosenza-Pescara 1-1; Cremonese-Venice 0-1; Perugia-Padua 3-2; Spice-Benevento postponed; Salernitana-Livorno and Lecce-Crotone tomorrow.
Ranking: Pescara 19 points; Palermo 18; Verona 17; Benevento 16; Citadel 15; Brescia and Salernitana 14; Lecce and Spezia 13; Ascoli 12; Cremonese, Crotone and Perugia 11; Venice 9; Cosenza 8; Padua 7; Foggia 6; Livorno and Carpi 5.

Unveiled wall of Gomez in Catania

CATANIA, 30 OCT – A mural depicting an angel caravaggesco entitled "Out of Heaven", symbol of the ransom e of hope, realized by the street artist Gomez was inaugurated in Catania, in via Bonajuto, in the presence of the mayor Salvo Pogliese and the Councilor for Culture Barbara Mirabella.
To 'recount' the work, considered as a first step for the redevelopment of the entire neighborhood was Salvatore Boanjuto, owner of the homonymous Byzantine Chapel, which has wanted the initiative, sponsored by Giuseppe Campanella di Fineco Bank. "A gift to the city, a sign of hope – he said Bonajuto – for the people of Catania and for the young, forced too much often to go away. Beauty can stop the bleeding of brains and tell another story, about a city that lives and that resists beyond difficulties ".
"The work of Gomez – said Pogliese – is a splendid one gift not only to the son of Salvatore Bonajuto, but to the whole city. The mural is really beautiful and gives a breath international in Catania, a city unique in the world, more and more appreciated and not just by tourists. "Pogliese emphasized also the goodness of the method, useful and effective, especially in this phase of difficulty of Palazzo degli Elefanti. "I appreciate a lot – he explained – the method put in place by Bonajuto who, with the support of some private individuals, gave new life to the whole Street".
The Councilor for Culture Barbara Mirabella has focused on the need to create new opportunities to tell one Catania different, full of energy, and the beauty of the work of Gomez, "whose light – he highlighted – represents the metaphor of a community that, despite the difficulties, remains alive and struggling to affirm herself and her strength ".