Month: September 2018

Cous cous, Tunisia world champion

PALERMO, 30th SET – Tunisia won the Championship of the world of cous cous among 10 countries, within the Cous Cous Fest of San Vito Lo Capo. The recipe by Nabil Bakouss, of the Joia restaurant of chef Pietro Leemann, assisted by Youssef Abdelli and Lamjed Hosni, was the most appreciated by the jury technique among the 10 countries in the competition: Angola, Ivory Coast, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Palestine, Senegal, Spain, Tunisia and United States. The jury is chaired by Fiammetta Fadda. There Tunisian recipe, Mare Nostrum, is with red shrimp, harissa grilled and hummus with fennel.
Israel, with chef Moshe Basson of the Eucalyptus restaurant of Jerusalem, won the prize for the best presentation of the dish. The popular jury, composed of visitors, has Senegal was awarded with Ndaye Alioune Badara. To the USA, with the chef Marc Murphy, went the Health and Wellness Award. "The cous cous – said mayor Giuseppe Peraino – is the excuse to talk about peace under the motto 'make cous cous not war ' ".

Falcone, guarantee rides on the Strait

PALERMO, September 30 – "The choice identified by the Minister of Infrastructures Danilo Toninelli on the dispute over the fast connections between Sicily and Calabria risks not being satisfactory for the island." Tomorrow the contract on the sea passenger transport on hydrofoils between the ministry and the company expires Liberty Lines, and the national government has identified a solution, through the support of RFI, which drastically cuts the races between Messina and Reggio Calabria.The vehicles in the field are reduced to a single boat.There is also serious work backlash, with 72 workers at risk of dismissal ". The regional councilor for infrastructures, Marco Falcone, says so.
"At a time of crisis – he adds – we can not suffer further penalization on territorial continuity and, even more, on jobs put in danger by the extension of Minister Toninelli We ask that the previous number of races on hydrofoils be maintained and, above all , an agreement that maintains employment levels ".

Two thousand in the square in Gela for senology

GELA (cALTANISSETTA), 30 SET – Two thousand people in march, with large representatives led by mayors and administrators of many Sicilian municipalities, have given life to Gela at the "walk for the opening of the departmental unit of senology. "Orange knit volunteers in the front row dell'Ados-Italia, the association of women operated at the breast, organizers of the event, and the doctor Giuseppe Di Martino, the only senologist in service in the division of general surgery of the Gelene hospital, which has been fighting for years for the opening of the "Breast Unit".
The long procession started from the "Vittorio Emanuele" hospital to reach the informative gazebo of the Ados in piazza Umberto and then the theater Aeschylus where the aims of the day of struggle and the claims of Ados were expressed both at the top dell'Asp Cl2, represented by the health director Marcella Santino.
Santino announced that the ASP is committed to making sure that the opening of the operative unit of senology occurs within October.

2.9 magnitude earthquake in the Aeolian range

ROME, September 30 – A quake of magnitude earthquake 2.9 was recorded at 3:56 am off the Aeolian Islands.
According to the surveys of the National Institute of Geophysics e volcanology (Ingv), the earthquake had hypocenter at 259 km of depth and epicenter 13 km from Malfa (Messina).
No damage to persons or property is recorded.

He only stole Kinder snacks, arrested

CATANIA, 29th SET – Known by the State Police of Catania as "serial kinder", because repeatedly reported by responsible for several supermarkets in the city of a chain of large retailers as a specialist in confectionery theft with the Kinder brand, a 46-year-old man, Daniele Giordano, is been blocked in Catania with 68 packs of products of the famous brand of sweets, for a total value of 201 EUR. The man is accused of improper robbery. Lock Up special with the obligation to stay, it has been noticed while in via Domenico Tempio, pursued by the holder of the exercise commercial, who was jostled and threatened, turned away hurriedly from the parking lot of a hard discounters pulling a shopping cart full of sweets.

Steal trash truck, arrested

RAGUSA, 29th SET – He stole a truck of neatness urban and escaped. To report the theft to the police are been the workers of the company that collects the waste. THE policemen gave the alarm and closed all possible routes escape. The thief, feeling hunted, has left the vehicle still in motion in Piazza Libertà fleeing on foot.
The young man, a citizen of Albanian origin, taken over by the video surveillance cameras, has been stopped.

Cars without brakes overwhelm old people, dead woman

He left the car parked in Viale del Fante in Ragusa in front of the steps leading into Villa Margherita without having engaged the handbrake. So the utility vehicle, yesterday evening, moved and overwhelmed an elderly couple who were inside the municipal Villa of Ragusa. For the 80 year old there was nothing to do: she died instantly, while the 86-year-old husband was injured and transported to the hospital.

Sabotata water network in Vittoria

PALERMO, 29 SET – Dry taps for some days in Vittoria for the sabotage of the water network. The Prefect of Ragusa, Filippo Dispenza expresses "indignation for for the tampering of the water network and the theft of the auctions maneuver. "
"The three extraordinary commissioners of the City of Vittoria (that the municipality will be dissolved for mafia in July last by decree of the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini) – adds the prefect – they are outraged by the shameful hostile act committed in the confrontation with the city and its citizens. It is a gesture criminal, hateful and irresponsible, because water is life. A such an act is a sign, as well as a mafia crime, also of absolute barbarity and incivility ".

They ask for "lace" to businessman, arrested

PALERMO, 29th SET – The Carabinieri of the operative nucleus of the Termini Imerese company carried out an order for custody in prison, issued by the investigating judge of Palermo, at the request of the DDA, against Antonino Teresi, 56, and Pietro Erco, 55 years, accused of extortion aggravated by the use of the mafia method and acting with the purpose of facilitating the activity of the mafia association. According to the investigators, the cutting of an entrepreneur from Trabia, manager of a bathing establishment, has been ascertained.
The arrested persons would try to acquire the management and the earnings of the parking lot in front of the commercial activity. In fact, the victim would have been asked to deliver, at the end of the summer season, how much money he had earned with parking management. On several occasions the two suspects, then, went to the seaside resort, consuming without paying.

Municipalities: Messina De Luca, I resign as mayor

After three months and three days from his election the mayor of Messina, Cateno De Luca in a post on Facebook published a letter announcing his resignation as the first citizen to date on October 8th. It is en route with the city council for delays on the examination of the resolutions. The letter is addressed to the general secretary and to the president of the municipal council of Messina. De Luca states that the start of the mandate will be delivered next October 1 to the general protocol and asks to convene a municipal council, preferably for October 6, inserting as points on the agenda the examination of the beginning of the mandate, the indifferent and urgent measures to safeguard the economic and financial balance of the municipality and the examination of the situation of the investee companies, the resignation as mayor. De Luca finally announces that he will perform the functions of the first citizen until next October 7th.