Month: August 2018

Serie B: Palermo-Cremonese 2-2

ROME, 31 AGO – Second consecutive draw for the Palermo that at home can not beat the Cremonese. Ends 2-2 at the Barbera with Trajkovski's goals in the first half, Strefezza and Mogos in the second half for Cremonese, before Mazzotta draw at the end. At 26 'the Palermo passes with Trajkovski, his shot from the left to turn on the post further he leaves no escape for goalkeeper Radunovic. In the second time la Cremonese finds the draw at 19 'with Strefezza, just entered for Perrulli: the conclusion of the grigiorosso is a half between a shot and a cross, Brignoli is positioned badly and not manages to save his door. Tedino inserts Nestorovski for Falletti, then also Moreo for Puscas, but to take the lead at the 38 'is the Cremonese. Corner of Castagnetti, Salvi you lose the marking on Mogos that head realizes. At 44 'the masters of home find the draw with Mazzotta, lesto to reiterate in the network a shot by Haas rejected by the goalkeeper. With expired time Carretta grace Brignoli centering the crossbar.

Denise: parents, we await justice

MAZARA DEL VALLO (TRAPANI), 31 AGO – "They have passed 14 years since the kidnapping of our baby, nothing has changed, the lack of truth and justice remains in time. Who are i guilty of Denise's abduction? On this we have no doubts, without having to add anything else. "They write it up Piera Maggio and Piero Pulizzi, parents of Denise Pipitone, the 4-year-old girl who disappeared on the 1st September 2004 in Mazara del Vallo. His seizure is still a mystery. "We parents – continue Piera Maggio and Piero Pulizzi – we deserve and demand certain and concrete answers from the Italian justice. Children do not disappear into thin air.
We are waiting, mired in hidden truths, behind the silence and cowardice of some. We will never have peace until there will be justice and truth, let alone the will responsible. "

America's Cup: final in Auckland in & # 039; 21

ROME, 31 AUG – The 36th edition of the America's cup of sail, to be won by the Royal New Zealand yacht squadron, yes will play in Auckland. This was confirmed today 'defender' at a meeting in Cowes, a port city on the north coast of the Isle of Wight, in England, where all the teams registered for the meeting have gathered most important sailing competition. Grant Dalton, CEO of Emirates team New Zealand, which organizes the event, also has Officialized the dates of the final of the trophy, which will be placed up for grabs between 6 and March 21, 2021. To contend it to the 'kiwis' will be the winning team of the Prada cup, or the tournament between the challengers. The scoring system is also official: the America's cup will be awarded to the best of the seven races, with up to 13 challenges. The official challenger of the trophy, as it is known, it is Luna Rossa, the team that sports the Sailing club Sicily of Palermo.

Killed in Brazil, convicted defendant

RAGUSA, 31 AGO – He was sentenced to 17 years e half of prison, in Brazil, Patricio Dos Santos, said Fabrizio, the alleged murderer of the Ragusan barista Pamela Canzonieri, found dead in his apartment in Morro de Sao Paolo, the night between 17 and 18 November 2016. The man, according to the reconstruction carried out by the Brazilian investigators, he would have killed the 39-year-old woman in front of him to his apartment. Patricio was the neighbor of Pamela e he would have strangled her after the woman had refused them his advances. The family has always highlighted doubts about the reconstruction of Brazilian investigators.

In Maratea he opens the School of Dialectology

POTENZA, 31 AGO – Italian and European teachers – from the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Palermo and Pisa) – will participate from 3 to 8 September, in Maratea (Potenza), at the first edition of the International School dialectology summer, promoted by the University of Basilicata. The courses will be held by "Patrizia Del Puente, University of Basilicata; Franco Fanciullo, University of Pisa; Adam Ledgeway, University of Cambridge; Martin Maiden, University of Oxford; John Ruffino, University of Palermo; Roberto Sottile, University of Palermo ".

Fedez arrives in Noto, the party tonight

He landed in Sicily. Fedez, the groom, arrived a few hours ago at the airport in Catania on an Alitalia plane with the most social wedding guests of the year and "decorated" with the The Ferragnez logo for the occasion. Passengers have found in their seat a cardboard box, containing chips, a pin, liquid soap, everything always labeled The Ferragnez. Fedez awaits many fans and dozens of large cars and minibuses that have transferred guests to Noto. At the Dimora delle Balze, the place where the wedding and the reception will take place tomorrow afternoon, only the newlyweds stay with the staff members.
Friends have found a place in hotels in the city center. Tonight at sunset welcome party at Palazzo Nicolaci, in the historic center of the city of the Baroque.

They did not stop abusiveness, former mayors

PALERMO, 31 AGO – The Regional Public Prosecutor's Office of the Sicilian counts has sued two former mayors of Casteldaccia, Giovanni Di Giacinto and Fabio Spatafora, yes have succeeded in the last ten years and managers of the Municipality, held responsible for a tax loss of over 239,000 euro, for not having complied with the rules on conflict unauthorized building. Di Giacinto is current mayor after the re-election on 11 June 2018. The investigations delegated by the prosecutor accountant to the economic-financial police nucleus of the Palermo finance guard, have ascertained that the administrators of Casteldaccia, '' would have allowed the authors of the wrongdoing to continue to benefit from the properties carried out illegally, without paying any indemnity use, nor the tax on waste and other anticipated taxes from the order, with consequent damage for the casse of the Common''.

Carabinieri: Galletta greets Sicily

PALERMO, 31 AGO – Brigadier General Riccardo Galletta, commander of the carabinieri legion of Sicily, it is went to the Carini barracks, headquarters of the provincial command carabinieri, for the farewell greeting: takes command of the carabinieri officers' school in Rome. Galletta was welcomed by col. Antonio Di Stasio that in name of all the Carabinieri in service and on the Provincial's leave of Palermo expressed words of profound gratitude for being was a commander '' constantly present with affection, the virtue, the experience and commitment of a father as well as for the passion, competence and the qualities of an incomparable and precious life teacher''. "Every experience – Galletta said – has a beginning and ending, but concluding this path of life has me led to reflect on the many successes achieved and on innumerable attestations of esteem and affection that Sicily he wanted to address the weapon, certainly the result of the commitment and of the spirit of service lavished by all Carabinieri '' ..

Pope in Palermo: Biagio Conte, excited

PALERMO, AUGUST 30 – "I'm excited and happy for the arrival in the Mission of Pope Francis ", says the lay missionary Biagio Conte who will receive Pope on September 15 Francis in the Mission "Hope and Charity" where the lunch with the guests of the structure, as part of the visit of the Holy Father in Palermo.
"It is a moment of strong communion with the Holy Father where together we launch a message of welcome to all people in difficulty both Italian and foreign – he says Biagio Conte – The Church must walk together and become example of charity for the whole of society. "For the missionary secular "we must stick to everyone: the fathers who have lost the work, families with disabled children, women with children left alone, immigrants, prisoners, all those who have lost hope ".

Salvini: investigation file in Palermo

PALERMO, 31 AGO – The Prosecutor of Agrigento has sent to Palermo prosecutors the investigation file on the minister Matteo Salvini interior and on the head of the cabinet Matteo Piantedosi, investigated for the illegal detention of migrants rescued by the Eighteen ship.
To bring the proceedings of the proceedings, that within 15 days the Palermo prosecutor's office will have to transmit to the court of ministers with any requests, even preliminary investigations, will be the Guard coastal area to which the Agrigento prosecutors delegated the investigation.
Salvini and Piantedosi are investigated for kidnapping a purpose of coercion, kidnapping of persons, omission of deeds of office, abuse of office and illegal arrest. In the file transmitted to the Palermo Public Prosecutor, in addition to the minutes with the testimonies of officials of the Interior Ministry and officers of the Coast Guard heard, there is the memory of the pm that illustrates the technical-legal aspects of the case.